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Computer keeps restarting after selecting hardrive.


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Hello everyone, I just installed OS X Mavericks on my latitude e6400 with myhack. I tried to install a graphics kext for my intel gm45 graphics, and in the guide, it told me to replace my boot.plist. I replaced it with the one provided, but when I rebooted, it said that it was late by xxxxx seconds, and I had to use forcewake=Y to override. I entered in this boot flag, but after a second, my computer just restarted and came back to the charms lion boot screen. I don't have access to a Mac anymore to create an installer to reinstall, so what should I do?


Thank you in advance!


Latitude e6400 specs:


2.27GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


Intel GM45 Graphics


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The late xxxx/ForceWake message is related to sleep image file. You need to do 2 things:

1) disable hibernation (in Terminal, type sudo pmset hibernatemode 0)

2) delete sleep image file found in /var/vm (in Terminal, type sudo rm -f /var/vm/sleepimage)


If required, boot in safe mode (-x Chameleon boot flag).

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