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Hackintosh on dell latitude d420 hanging

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Usually I get too anxious and end up finding my answers afterwards. I've managed to install the msata but now in the process of creating the USB installer. Would I be able to use clover on this machine instead of chameleon?

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Ahhh i see.. Do you suppose version 4392 will do the trick?  Im still having a hard time getting the usb installer to work.. I must've used 4 different dmg files.. I can't seem to find my retail 10.6.3 disc so now im facing the trial and errors of installing on this old but trusty d420.  I used to have a nice D420 a few yrs ago and Herve helped me patch it to get everything working.. I donated that laptop to a family member of mine in the west indies and they messed it up. I wish i made a copy of that partition.  -------—-—-------------'>>>>>>>>>>>Update

Finally I did it, I was doing the installer wrong. Managed to install 10.6 and successfully updated to 10.6.8. The only thing that doesn't seem to be working now is sleep/wake. I already removed sleepimage and set hibernate mode to 0. 

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