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Dr. Hurt

Refined ALPS TouchPad driver

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14 hours ago, Hervé said:

I guess that the key codes probably differ from one laptop to another. You'd need to apply Rehabman's debugging patch in order to identify the codes returned by Fn-UP/Fn-DOWN keystrokes and amend jpz4085's BRT6 patch accordingly. Not done it yet on my E6220/E6440 to verify.


Hi Hervé,


Yeah I've already been trying to use Rehabman's ACPIDebug to establish the codes, but I can't get much further than establishing the start point (_Q66) in the chain but it doesn't reach BRT6 so when I saw jpz4085's post about needing to apply the OS Check Fix to the appropriate _OSI checks I was thinking that perhaps that's the reason why I can't establish the key codes in the sys log, but with my limited knowledge that's where I've got stuck.


No worries if you can't advise any further, just thought I'd ask in case you might be able to nudge me in the right direction.

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