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Refined ALPS TouchPad driver

Dr. Hurt

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Hai everyone, I have Alps v7 hardware and using VoodooPS2Controller by Bronxteck and touchpad+gesture work great, thanks for people who makes this possible, but I have issues with click button like In the picture, two with red circle doesn't work, anyone can help me to figure out this thing?

I'm on High Sierra 10.13.6




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AfaiK, the kext never handled those late ALPS Touchpad versions very well. It's been stated by Dr Hurt himself in previous pages.


Last compiled version (by Bronxteck, available on p1) supports TouchPad & TrackPoint for the V3 ALPS hardware fitted to my Latitude E6440:

  • V3 Rushmore Touchpad with ID: E7=0x73 0x03 0x0a, EC=0x88 0x08 0x22


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I'm a bit late to the party here, but I am working to get my touchpad working correctly.  


I remember installing a prefPane a long time ago.  Oddly, in Mojave, even with dark theme set, the prefPane is white themed, I assume because whatever prefpane I installed a while back was made before Mojave came out with themes.


Does anyone here know how I can install the most recent prefpane, the one from Mojave?


Also, I'm having the problem where when I reverse the scroll direction in the mouse menu, it also reverses it in the trackpad menu.  This makes it impossible to scroll the natural way using the trackpad, but the Windows way when using a mouse.

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