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Refined ALPS TouchPad driver

Dr. Hurt

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what herve said. the kext is Dr.Hurts hard work not mine.

i had no involvement in it.

i did not have anything to do with writing the code for the kext. i just compiled Dr.Hurts last code he left us with so that we could try it.

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need help with my touchpad. currently using the latest VoodooPS2Controller.

cat /proc/bus/input/devices:

I: Bus=0011 Vendor=0002 Product=0008 Version=0500
N: Name="AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint"

2 buttons and a touchpad



tried R5 but no touchpad detected in sysprefs>trackpad

R6 final gives KP

desired: touchpad detected in sysprefs (so i can adjust to my preference), 2 finger scrolling, 2 finger tap to right click, single tap





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Hello, I have a Latitude E6510 with CPU Core i7 620m nVidia NVS 3100 512mb.


Theres 2 versions of macOS installed: Mavericks and Mojave.


Mojave is loading ALPS PS2 V5 like a charm and all drivers of this computer are functional with DSDT patched.

Unfortunately on Mavericks it loads but give me verbose text "appleps2controller: timed out on mouse input stream" and

only accepts external keyboard.


Strange thing is that after plugged on a usb keyboard, my notebook keyboard starts to working, trackstick stays jumping around and

touchpad not works at all.


Theres something help to start fixing it?


I tried several PS2 controllers versions only for Mavericks but no one loads ok.

Thank you all for answers. 

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