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Almost Done Setting E5450 with el Capitan. I can use a little help


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Hello All.


Thanks to the Shared Knowledge I have manage to Installed El Capitan on my E5450 using Clover with the bootpack posted on previous. post https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8180-yosemite-on-e5450/page-3  


I am still having issues with Graphics and Network:


Graphics Issue:

graphics are flickering like when it runs on save mode.  I notice the following message on verbose mode:


[iGPU] Graphics Driver failed to load could register with FrameBuffer.


I guess Graphics driver is not loading when booting.


Network Issue:

Intel Wifi will have to be replaced but I notice that the wifi card it is smaller card than the BCM that I used for my M4600. Do you know which card should I buy?


Ethernet is not being recognized at all


I have attached my Original ACPI Files using F4 on Clover for possible patching help.

Any Help is much appreciated... Happy Holidays to all.



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Do you know if your model has HD 4400 or HD 5500?

Haswell or Broadwell CPU?

See bootpacks for both here.


If you have HD5500, you'll need to set the DVMT to 64MB in the BIOS. See my E7450 guide

You probably has the M.2 slot for wireless, replace it with a DW1560 wireless/bluetooth combo.

Kexts for this card are found in my E7450 bootpack.

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I added the following to my config.plist base on a post from another site:


I notice that the graphics are recognized but with an error related to backlight. (please see the screenshot)
I wonder if this can be resolved by having my DSDT and SSDT patched.
Please advice.
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Erm, unless I'm very mistaken, you can't specify the FrameBuffer in that manner. It's either 0x16160002 or 0x16160000 but not both separated by a slash. What you found elsewhere was an indication that you could try either of them.

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