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Lenovo z51-70: graphics acceleration for AMD R9 M375 GPU


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delete every thing in your efi partition and paste my efi folder

Than In in your Bootable usb go in System/Library/Extensions

than replace this attached kext


And please make a new topic

I make this one for solving AMD m375 

on new topic i will help you


Hope you understand


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AMD appear to have R9 M370X for Mac, you have PC version R9 M375.



As indicated by Bronxteck, the Mac models fitted with such GPU are the MBP11,5. As such, use or create a MBP11,5 SMBIOS.




You have to identify the Controller + FrameBuffer kexts that apply to the R9 M370X GPU and check what hardware ids they cover. You may then try to patch the kexts and add your own R9 M375 id. You may consider injecting some of your card details in DSDT if your card is not natively (properly) detected at hardware level. You would normally be able to obtain such graphics card details in IORegistryExplorer (or any similar app).


However, please remember that dual GPU being often or usually unsupported in Hackintoshes, you may find yourself stuck with the integrated Iris GPU. You can't exclude that possible limitation.

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Thanks Bronx; in fact it wasn't working for me earlier either but does now. So, R9 M370X has id 1002:6821. That's handled by AMD7000Controller.


@ypdeveloper: check that kext for your M375 device id and, if need be, add it to the Info.plist file.

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