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Lenovo z51-70: graphics acceleration for AMD R9 M375 GPU

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Yes, could be a simple matter of injecting the correct ATY family. What does your SysProfiler show for Graphics? Does it say "no kext loaded" ?

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Apple menu -> System Information -> Hardware -> Graphics/Display


Take a screenshot and post it.


For a darwin report, you open up your Web browser, you type "google.com" in the URL field and once at the Google page (hopefully), you type "Darwin Dumper". You'll manage?


Seriously guys, I really don't mean to be rude but please consider these books before even contemplating Hackintoshing your PCs!

OS_X_Dummies.jpg Mavericks_Dummies.jpg

Yos_Dummies.jpg EC_Dummies.jpg

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delete every thing in your efi partition and paste my efi folder

Than In in your Bootable usb go in System/Library/Extensions

than replace this attached kext


And please make a new topic

I make this one for solving AMD m375 

on new topic i will help you


Hope you understand

i have lenovo z51-70 i m tired when im tray to install mac os x but when im use your ufi and your kext im success to read data

i will saved every thing frome laptop to my memory then i will install mac os x

thank you very match 

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