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Lenovo z51-70: graphics acceleration for AMD R9 M375 GPU


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Hey Bronxteck i also try vbios from clover and it is same as before for hd5500

when i try to decode it using radeon bios decoder it gives error

ATOM signature not found

So i think it is also for intel gpu not for amd

if any other way to dump vbios is available than please inform me


I just want to run amd gpu in lenovo z51-70 in hackintsh so please help me

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Hello ypdeveloper

Try installing another osx and try to see if u can get the amd working in it 

so u can extract the amd vbios 

but i think the intel 5500 is the defualt gpu in ur system thats why it is working natively in elcapitan

check what is the supported old osx which amd working natively in 

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Hey everyone its my new attempt to make amd r9 m375 workable

i Found that the and r9 m370x and and r9 m375 are almost same gpu with diff. of memory type

so it has to support natively in OS X , I think that the amd7000.kext controller not load because of smbios

So please i request you all to give me a Well smbios file for macbook pro 11,5

i also make one but , i don't have macbook pro 11,5 serial idea so help me


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