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[SUCCESS] Latitude 3470: El Capitan 10.11 / High Sierra 10.13


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With dark menu, it's more clear , but still not right.


There was an clover setup I used that got the sata (not gpu) working. I can not repeat that set up  :shock:. It was when I tried rehabman's nvme script. Though I can not repeat that now. I'm not really sure that had anything to do with sata working.


I've started over several times, I guess that's what I'll do again. 

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Could be issues with the DSDT/SSDT.

Your Origin folder contain strange duplicate SSDT. Like RSDT-SSDT-0.aml and SSDT-0.aml.

Let's start clean.


Clean the Origin folder, and extract new file. Hit F4 during clover boot.

If you still see those weird files, then remove all the SSDT/DSDT from the Patched folder.

In Config file, disable dropOEMSSDT, then extract the files again.

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Good news, bad news. It didn't work, but ...... re-read rehabman's laptop guid and found that some skyline sata devices will not work with out the attached kext. Now - internal sata works!


Graphics are the same - artifacts.


Strangely sound has not output devices. You did't build a new SSDT-ALC256 with the updated raw dsdt's I sent. Should the SSDT-ALC256 you built originally (from previous raw dsdt's) work? - or will I need a new SSDT-ALC256? (remember I updated bios)


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Ahh, I forgot about that unsupported controller. Strangely, I didn't need that kext to work on my E7470. It just shows unknown controller on my setup, but with that kext, it shows Intel 10-Series Chipset. Without it, it still boots internally.

SSDT-ALC256 is to be use with CodecCommander and yes, the same one will work. I didn't create that by the way, it's to fix the sleep/wake sound issue (EAPD fix).

I mistakenly patch HDEF to layout-id 1, need to change to 3.

Let me know if you need me to fix it.

As for graphics artifacts, maybe try different ig-platform-id in your Config file.

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The supported platformIDs are:

[ 1] : 0x191e0000 – Skylake ULX GT2
[ 2] : 0x19160000 – Skylake ULT GT2
[ 3] : 0x19260000 – Skylake ULT GT3
[ 4] : 0x191b0000 – Skylake HALO GT2
[ 5] : 0x19120000 – Skylake Desktop GT2
[ 6] : 0x19020001 – Skylake Desktop GT1 (currently inactive)
[ 7] : 0x19170001 – Skylake Desktop GT1.5 (currently inactive)
[ 8] : 0x19120001 – Skylake Desktop GT2 (currently inactive)
[ 9] : 0x19320001 – Skylake Desktop GT4 (currently inactive)
[10] : 0x19160002 – Skylake ULT GT2
[11] : 0x19260002 – Skylake ULT GT3
[12] : 0x191e0003 – Skylake ULX GT2


Only one I could think of is 19160002, but you could try the others during boot in Clover Option

Files updated in post# 26

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