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[SUCCESS] Latitude 3470: El Capitan 10.11 / High Sierra 10.13

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I've been hackintoshing for 10 years on a dozen pc's. But need help on this one.   I have installed to and am booting from the internal sata drive and able to get into El Capitan.  

ALC3246 indeed according to Dell's 3470 specs. Should be ven/dev ids 10ec:0256, i.e. ALC256 codec.   For El Capitan, try the following Clover on-the-fly AppleHDA patches + attached kexts: Find: 6102

I'm SO happy. I finally solved my video problems. iTunes trailers and some video in safari were not working. I tried IntelgraphicsFixup.kext by Ivs1974 and it's now fixed!! YES!   New 10.13.3 bootpa

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As always a BIG thank you for your help!


It's BIOS 1.5.2. I tried several methods of bios downgrade (including bios recovery mode) it would not accept any bios later than 1.5.2. Searching the web for answers I found:

1. enable Bios downgrade (I did that)

2. Turn off TPM (done)

3. BIOS recovery (won't accept any .RCV file with bios earlier than 1.5.2)

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Yes! All fixed. Thank you!!


No other changes needed to be made. All networking is working.


One note: I used hdaenabler.kext because I couldn't compile your last dsdt after I tried to change layout id. Otherwise ...... Perfect!


Here are the notes from the 1.5.2 BIOS update:


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After the fixes from the last bios update , I was still having problems with playing video - both from the internet and from my HD after sleep. I noticed there was a newer bios (1.6.2) and tried it. But now networking is broken again. Is there a simple guide specifically for patching dsdt/ssdt on latitudes? I find most of the guides complicated. I hate to ask, but could you patch these?




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