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E7440: problems during Sierra installation with Clover 3998


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Thank you very much for your help so far, almost all succeeded!
If you do not care, now I'd give a quick description of how I installed it to see if anyone comes to see what is wrong ... :)
Part 1 USB setup was not creating a problem. The USB installer to create a "Clover_v2.4k_r4003" was used. The contents of the folder Clover I changed the content can be found at 37 Clover folder contained herein.
Part 2 installation was no problem.
The problems began in the third section!
I installed the above mentioned Clover v2.4 r4003
EFI Mounter I did everything v3
EFI kext folder and copied files from USB
Terminal I run the specified command
TouchPad settings are empty! I can not produce anything! (Picture attached)
Point 10 to the beginning everything was fine, but it could be the end, I am not well done!
"Execute ssdtPRGen.sh from terminal (Included in Tools attached below)
Place SSDT.aml generated in / EFI / Clover / ACPI / Patched "
At this point, I opened a terminal SSDT.aml Tools folder file on your terminal opened in pushing through Y when asked.
The "Desktop" generated files are copied to the specified location (ie / EFI / Clover / ACPI / Patch)
In addition, I found the TouchPad on which one has not worked something.
When it started the machine, you will start to Clover, I click on it the Macintosh SSD, but unfortunately nothing happens only black screen is ...
If someone's idea would be looking forward to your answers!
Welcome, Balázs Soos
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Thank you very much for the previous answers.

We managed to install the course of a day yesterday, all works beautifully, except for wifi.

Written forums that I use DW-1550 WiFi is unfortunately just not at liberty to buy Such tools.

However, there is a handy DW-1502's, it was a question of whether this should work under the Sierra?

Thank you for your help!

Welcome, Balázs Soos

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