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  1. Well... that's probably about the only thing I haven't tried. Since this post I've successfully installed Sierra on an x220 and it works great. But I just can't let the x201 go... so I'll hook up an external monitor sometime and get back to it.
  2. Has anybody been successful installing El Capitan or Sierra on a Lenovo Thinkpad X201? I'm running Mavericks on it now and I've got an installer working for Yosemite, but by now I'd rather go up another generation or two. I've built a clover installer for El Cap using the method here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/ And I've studied a dozen other threads on x201 and x220 but can't get past Yosemite. Yes, I've flashed the BIOS with the open version and have a Dell 1510 wifi card. I never can get clear graphics to finish the install. Always a white/gray screen with a bar, etc. I've removed the AppleIntelHD extensions. I've tinkered with the Config file... but nothing. I've copied the kexts and DSDT's from my successful Mavericks install and from my Yosemite loader but no joy. Hoping somebody has a successful install that they can share the EFI folder for?
  3. Thanks Herve, Yes I've removed them. It's very odd. I've now tried this about 30 times with different USB drives, etc. On about 5 occasions I've actually gotten to the installation (very jittery video) but I when I reboot to do the final steps, it either won't boot or the screen is so bad I can't see, etc, and have to give up/start over. What's crazy is, I can try the exact same USB 10 times and it will work on one attempt but not again for several more. Then when I'm just about to give up I'll try once more and it will work, but only for the install. I still can't get a second shot to clean up the video. Very confounding. I use this same machine every day with 10.9.5 with zero problems.
  4. So I've built my installer as described in this thread (post #41): https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2833-install-osx-on-lenovo-thinkpad-x201s-and-maybe-x201/page-5 And I'm installing on a Thinkpad X201 that is successfully running Mavericks, BIOS flashed and using Dell wifi. Here is where my installer stops: Anybody have ideas they can share?
  5. So I'm happily running my Lenovo ThinkPad X201 with Mavericks 10.9.5. All good, but... There are a few things I'm trying to perfect and running into trouble. 1. The trackpad is very sensative even at the lowest settings 2. The audio is quieter than my windows and linux partitions. Quite a bit quieter 3. The external VGA video port does not work. I know that the fix for the first two may lie in trying other kexts, but every time I try a different kext, I loose my QE/CI graphics (which have worked perfectly from the install). So what's the proceedure for trying different kexts for audio and mouse/trackpad without botching the video. And has anybody gotten the external VGA port to work (I haven't seen any thread about success with that). Thanks,
  6. Mine just worked: Here are the files I used. Ok so just to close up this thread. I got the whole thing working just as it was supposed to (several times now). Turns out my USB installer was just not quite right. I made a new one using the Extra-Lenovo_201x_mav.zip http://forum.osxlati...ovo-x201/page-3.
  7. I don't *think* they are linked because my bluetooth worked all along, only the wifi needed the new card, but I'm not certain. Either way, my bluetooth works.
  8. I have the Thinkpad X201 and I bought the Dell DW1510 off ebay for $10. Works like a charm.
  9. I'm now running OSX 10.9.5 on my Thinkpad X201. Everything works well, but the track pad is WAY too sensitive and the two finger scroll jumps all over. I've set the speed to slow and the sensitivity as low as it goes, but it's still jumpy. Anybody figure this out or have a different kext, for the x201 trackpad, etc?
  10. Ok so just to close up this thread. I got the whole thing working just as it was supposed to (several times now). Turns out my USB installer was just not quite right. I made a new one using the Extra-Lenovo_201x_mav.zip https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5744-maverick-on-lenovo-x201/page-3. I did have to use the non-whitelist BIOS in order to allow my new Dell 1510 wifi card to work, but the installer found it perfectly and had me set up during installation. Overall the Thinkpad X201 is about as straight forward as they come once you fix the BIOS for the wifi. I do note that the battery life seems shorter on Mavericks than either of my other partitions (WIN7 or Linux). And the trackpad is very very fast (not sure if there is a fix for that?)
  11. Ah, thanks... so GMA 4500 is the laptop display? What is the Intel HD Graphics used for?
  12. Thanks, If it says "No Kext Loaded" for Intel HD Graphics, is that frameworks or something else? When I click the DVD player it says error 72002 No DVD player can be found.
  13. Ok, I got past this. Note to others. Un-journaling and re-journaling an HPF drive doesn't work. So I went back and did a new installation USB with a different Extra pack that did not require so much editing of files after the fact, and it worked. I've updated all the way to 10.9.5 and most things are working pretty well, except... I don't think I have full QE/CI. My system file for graphics still says "no kext loaded" under the Intel HD graphics. Not sure if my menu bar is translucent or not? It looks aqua or teal (like in the photos), but how would you really know unless there was something behind the bar to see through? I don't have the DVD player to check that menu as in the post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/. Any thoughts on how else to: verify QE/CI and if it's not working how to get it to work?
  14. This is the exact unit I purchased. Works perfectly with my crucial msata ssd. Micro SATA Cables - mSATA SSD to 40 Pin ZIF Adapter Card as Toshiba or Hitachi ZIF HDD http://www.amazon.com/Micro-SATA-Cables-Adapter-Toshiba/dp/B009BA5JU6/ref=sr_1_6?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1413816432&sr=1-6
  15. So I'm getting going on the Thinkpad X201 OSX Mavericks installation. I'm using the installation guide from kreye: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2833-install-osx-on-lenovo-thinkpad-x201s-and-maybe-x201/&do=findComment&comment=21526 I've built the USB and made it through the installation process. I did have trouble with step 6, moving the SLE folder. For some reason I couldn't do it through the osx terminal (bash 3.2). It didn't recognize the commands. So I un-journalled the drive, then booted to a Linux flash drive, moved the SLE, then back to the hack usb stick to re-journal the drive, then boot. Now I'm in the OSX Installation process... It hangs deep in the process at ****[iOBluetoothHCIController]... A few notes. 1. I am still on BIOS 1.23 (I have the new one, to fix the whitelist, but my battery is completely dead so I don't want to risk flashing the BIOS until my new battery gets here). 2. I removed the wifi card completely and turned off the wifi switch. 3. I've tried it with the BIOS Display set to Analog VGA and to the Thinkpad LCD 4. Machine type Model is: 3626W58 Core i5, 2.53 gHz I've read many/most of the posts here, insanely mac, and thinkpad forum. There is quite a bit on video, but I'm assuming that it was all rolled up into kreye's fixes in our forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. And then presumably I can use any one of the wifi cards from the hackintosh list here on the site that will work in the thinkpad?
  17. I'm still gathering data for my Thinkpad X201 hack to 10.9. Question about the above thread. With regard to flashing the BIOS to allow non approved wifi cards (that are hackintosh compatible). Is it is just the BIOS update in the first message here, or do you have to flash to the standard Lenovo 1.40 BIOS (without the wifi card installed) then flash again to this update that removes the white list? I've seen information on other forums that suggest you have to do the original then the fix. But here there is only one BIOS update file. Looks like I can get the Lenovo 1.4 from their site. Not sure about whether you have to remove the wifi card first or not? And then once done, I can build the standard MyHack installer with the EDP (knowing full well I made need to tweek it) from the site as long as I've installed an approved wifi card. Correct? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. Thanks Jake, That may be a last resort, but I'm hoping somebody can say that one of the hackintosh working wifi cards will pass the Thinkpad Whitelist... grrr... Lenovo.
  19. So I've been searching, but haven't seen yet where anybody identified one or more alternate wifi PCIe cards to go in a Thinkpad x201 that are both "whitelist" compatible and hackintosh compatible? I have the Centrino N-6200 and that is obviously not going to work, but if I don't want to mess with the BIOS of the laptop or the wifi card, is there a plug and play wifi I can buy? Thanks,
  20. Thanks Herve, Do you know when the "definative" D430 Extra Pack will be posted again somewhere? I see the web EDP app, but it confuses me a bit that there are so many options for the D430. Seems to me the hardware is all the same (or nearly all the same except for the wifi) and that there would be one "bullet-proof" extra folder that includes everything plus the speed stepping? Or is that wishful thinking on my part? I got the speed step working, but then my bootloader stopped, and when I installed the new Chameleon the whole thing stopped booting. So I had to go back to my old boot loader and my old restore point with Old Extras. The web EDP doesn't seem to work as well for me as MyHack. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong, but the "perfect" edp pack and MyHack seems to be the best ticket for the D430.
  21. So I'm running a hack on my Latitude D430. Just finished the speed step updates (thank you Herve) and my battery shows (20:00) when it's plugged in. If I unplug it, it shows correct time remaining. Looks like I'm using the AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext. Has anybody else experienced this and is there a better battery kext to use? Thanks
  22. I'm not an expert, but on my tripple boot (Osx, WIn7, Mint Linux) needed to sync the drives afterward because Win7 wants a Master Boot Record and Osx wants a GUID. You did them in the correct order, but now make a linux USB stick and run the gptsync. http://technicalsupportnetwork.org/blog/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=8&blogId=1 Step 14 above.
  23. In this circumstance, should I use the EDP 1.9 to do a system build afterward and install chameleon, or just use the SL USB Installer, install extras via myhack and then manually install the chameleon and tweak it until I figure it out? Not sure about the Chameleon install via EDP? or the extras for that matter (if I already have the d430 extra zip package.
  24. So can you tell me what the "appropriate boot mode" would be?
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