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  1. As usual, open up the laptop and remove all clogged dust from the fan/heatsink area + clean up & re-apply thermal paste on top of the CPU. Intel Crestline models (i.e. non-Vidia) run pretty cool: my CPU is reported in the high-30s°C to low-60s°C range with X3100 reported a bit lower. Did you apply the EDP package, especially the emulated SpeedStep kext? Lion 10.7.5 boot time for my D630 with T7500 2.2GHz CPU, 4Go DDR2-800 RAM and 7200rpm HDD is about 60-70s.
  2. You can look for Dell-branded Broadcom cards such as DW1390, DW1490, DW1395 (802.11 a/b/g) or any other supported 'n' capable card.
  3. re: Wifi card, I was talking about the Wireles Ethernet, not the Bluetooth which you've already indicated to be a BT350 adapter (have a look at the Bluetooth post in the Research section). You could open up the laptop to look at the Wifi card physically (it's under the keyboard).
  4. Have you ever opened up the laptop to check the fan for a big/thick dust clog? You could also renew the thermal paste of your CPU. It's probably all hardened up by now.
  5. Was the BT radio enabled before you installed Mac OS X (BT blue LED lit)? If not, it needs to be enabled from Windows... Which Wifi card do you have? Intel is not supported and some cards like DW1395 require post-install kext.
  6. One little comment re: Tjmax. The value depends on your CPU, so check the Intel web site to obtain the correct value before editing the plist file. Not all CPUs have a Tjmax of 100...
  7. The keyboard issue is not specific to the D5x0, I know it also happens on D6x0. Try and boot with boot option 'USBBusFix=no'. Re: Wifi cards, yes it sounds like you need to rebrand them/add ID to hardware list. Or look at kexts.com, there may be something there.
  8. Make sure you choose your D530 carefully. It was (is) a somehow versatile laptop in terms of hardware: Celeron M to Core 2 Duo CPUs, chipset Intel 960 or 965, FSB 533 or 800 (depending on chipset/CPU). The video resolution was (is) somehow limited on 15" 4:3 LCDs: 1024x768 or 1400x1050. http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/latd530/en/ug/specs.htm#wp1105175 It's not the best machine to get today in my opinion. I'd go for a D620 or D630, which really are the step up from the D430: FSB 667 or 800MHz, by large most have C2D CPUs, widescreen LCD (1280x800 or 1440x900), Intel graphics GMA950/Crestline X3100 or nVidia GPU. If you still go for a D530, remember that Lion requires a Core 2 Duo CPU minimum. Wifi will only work out of the box if it's a Broadcom-based Dell card such as DW1390/DW1490; Intel cards are not supported under Mac OS X. You would have no issue at all running Lion on a D620 or D630 fitted with a C2D CPU.
  9. Forget EDP v2.2, you should really use the latest versions. If you do not have network connection for some reason, it'd be much better to identify your hardware and install the correct kext. Your built-in Ethernet is normally supported with initial myHack installation (i.e. pre-EDP tuning). I guess, you're aware that Intel Wifi are not supported. Broadcom Wifi such as Dell DW1390/1490 are also natively supported. DW1395 requires specific kexts or modified IO80211 kext (both downloadable of the OSXL forum, just do a search).
  10. Again, there is no support for Intel GMA950 or Crestline X3100 in Mountain Lion. Apple dropped those. That's why you will not get max resolution and no hardware acceleration. There is little point on running ML on such models, it's much better to stick to Lion.
  11. Something must have got lost in translation Skorpio... You have the right D630 model for ML (after all, you're posting in a thread entitled "Dell D630 ML install guide - Nvidia model"). Just follow the EDP procedure and you'll be in business. As always, simply make sure you don't have an Intel Wifi card but a Broadcom (or Atheros) one.
  12. 'didn't even thought of Disk Utility; seemed too obvious to me Enjoy SL, then.
  13. Hi, I guess the D420 BIOS simply does not support AHCI mode (the D620 is like that, possibly the D430 too, I can't remember). However, that should not stop the myHack installer or the Bootloader from seeing the HDD. The D420 can only support Snow Leopard since you need a Core 2 Duo CPU from Lion. Have a look at the D6xx section and check the D620 BIOS settings to try and configure your BIOS as closely as possible. If you still meet trouble, try to download Nawcom's ModCD or ModUSB and boot from that. At worst, that'd get you going with Snow Leopard on a legacy kernel.
  14. Shite! I trust this is something covered by warranty!I have a Samsung 128Go PM830 SSD and, thank God, it does not suffer from such defect.
  15. Do not use distros like the one you mention; we do not support that here. Use a legitimate copy of Mac OS X. You won't be able to use a regular DVD to create a myHack installation media, you need an external HDD or a USB key, all with 8Go minimum. Intel Wireless cards are not supported under Mac OS X, you'll need to revert to Broadcom unit.
  16. Hervé

    SL 64bit on D620s

    I don't know if SL can run in 64bit mode on the D620 nVidia. I did not manage it, but that does not necessarily mean it can't. I've since moved to Lion and never gave SL 64bit mode any more thoughts...
  17. Hervé

    SL 64bit on D620s

    Have a look at the following post: http://forum.osxlati...der-64bit-mode/ 'never got the D620 nVidia to boot SL in 64bit mode (it has adequate CPU). The D630 X3100, however, certainly seemed to do so with Lion since I was booting with default graphics (no 64bit kext for Intel Crestline graphics = default graphics). I've not tried it yet, but I guess there's a good chance you'd boot the D620 in 64bit mode under Lion.
  18. You don't necessarily have to revert to XP to update firmware and/or drivers. Win7 installs generic BT drivers (although from memory, the DW350 was listed as such initlally) but I installed/loaded XP/Vista drivers and updated firmware of BT adapters 350 and 360. Once this is done, it's then possible to right click on the BT task bar icon and activate/deactivate BT radio from Win7, something not available with generic drivers. The driver for the DW360 can be obtained off Dell's web site under Latitude D630/D830 support. Just download and execute the Vista driver entitled 'Dell 360 Bluetooth adapter 2.0 + EDR / 2.1 + EDR'. The Firmware will be updated if necessary during the process. The DW350 is a bit older (a Toshiba piece of hardware). The D620/D820 XP driver and Toshiba application can be installed under Win7 regardless of the warnings. XP driver uses firmware 2422 and is fully compatible/supported under Mac OS X (all services, including resume on wake). That's the version to use. Do not use Vista driver which updates to firmware 3538 as that appears incompatible with Mac OS X. If you have that version, downgrade to XP 2422 version. I don't see any firmware rev 4.x on any of my adapters... That could be driver version. I've updated my research post on Bluetooth adapters: http://forum.osxlati...ers/#entry12926
  19. @n0yd: yes, you need a Mac/Hac (or access to one) to prepare your OS X installation media. Understood, you don't have that. In that case, you can use the suggested path of a Virtual Machine from which you'll create your myHack installation media to subsequently follow our EDP procedure. Alternatively, you can do a basic (uncomplete) SL installation with Nawcom BootCD, from which you'll be able to create your myHack installation media. That alternative will only require a retail SL media (USB key or DVD) and the ISO image of BootCD burnt to a CD. That's downloadable off the Web (kexts.com, Nawcom's blog archive, etc.)
  20. With a C2D CPU (eg: T7200 or above), it'll run Lion 10.7 just fine...
  21. Just in case, compare your BIOS settings with those provided at section root: http://forum.osxlati...-settings-d630/ I do not use the pre-defined EDP installation kexts, I use the following: - VoodooPS2 controller (ANV-Slice for ML) - NullCPUPowerManagement - SleepEnabler - VoodooTSCSync - Emulated SpeedStep - Patch audio AppleHDA (D630) or VoodooHDA (more stable) Followed by Hibernation Fix + Touch /S/L/E Which BT adapter do you have? http://forum.osxlati...tooth-adapters/ What are your Chameleon boot plist settings?
  22. Unfortunately, that card is not supported either in ML. If you want ML on a 'D' Series, you need a D630 or D820/830 with nVidia graphics.
  23. Any non-supported HW in that laptop? Like Intel wifi?
  24. You should re-run EDP and select an audio kext. You can use the VoodooHDA (more stable) or the AppleHDA patched for D630.
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