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  1. hi my problem is BT can turn off with fn+f2, my system is yosemite 10.10 my wifi is ar5b195, bt ar3011, kext BT is ioath3kfrmwr.kext Can you help me plz thanks
  2. try deactivate CSM in bios work for me
  3. issue resolved only deactivate csm in bios
  4. i have problem help me plz my specs asus a45a i5 3210m hm76 all work with chamaleon, but bootloader only boot from usb, i install chameleon in yosemite partition but this entry not show in bios. my bios is uefi i try installing clover, this entry in bios work, but starting yosemite nootbook screen turn black, i conect hdmi and show video in my TV, but notebook screen is black how resolv this issue ? thanks
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