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  1. I have successfully accomplished everything and after sleep sometimes the trackpad freezed so so far and added many new features to take advantage
  2. And I've also integrated support for the Atheros bluetooth but bluetooth works, but now bluetooth not disable
  3. the touchpad completely to make it close to Apple touchpad in every way and friends is Added support for ACPI brightness controls from EC calls, this is the best
  4. Tried with it disabled in the BIOS and still won't install
  5. Now its just saying all of what it said before but just "Not loading airport menu exrea becasue this machine does not have any wireless networking available" think its an intel 4965AGN. I tried with another build and it said 'Read the before you install section of the manual' on the popup about it not being able to install.
  6. Just tried again and still fails, I've attached the install log if you can see if you can identify what's wrong. Is it complaining about not having a WiFi radio available?
  7. Almost 100% certain its a retail, is there a way to check at all? Thanks for the bootpack!
  8. It's definitely formatted to GUID with Mac OS Extended Journaled. Can't think what else is up unless the use of the D430 bootpack is not working? Any other ideas? Thanks again!
  9. I have tried with a D430 bootpack which gets me into SL installtion but it says that mac os can't be installed on this computer i have googled around but not found anything that applies to me, any ideas? i have disabled multi-core on my bios and this has not helped. thankss
  10. Hi, Wondering if anyone has a Dell Latitude D420 bootpack for Snow Leopard 10.6.3 around, I'm struggling to find one. Many thanks.
  11. Tried with a 10.6.3 with D620 bootpack but still got the same error, will a D420 bootpack help?
  12. Ah ok ill try with another retail version, I haven't been able to find the D420 bootpack anywhere, do you know where I can get it? Thanks.
  13. So I managed to get a bootloader going and starting the process of booting but i get a kernel panic on booting: "Unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI\".\n"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1456.1.25/iokit/Kernal/IOPlatformExpert.cpp:1389" Screenshot show below
  14. Hi Guys, I'm wondering if someone can help me get 10.6 installed on my D420, there is a good tutorial here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/178411-guide-boot-cd-d-series-latitudew-nvidia-or-gma950-and-intel-dual-core-retail-installs/?do=findComment&comment=1223592but it requires a DVD drive, I have tried to do what the CDs are doing with memory sticks but when I install the D620SLV1.iso to a memory stick and boot it it says it has no boot sector. Could someone help, Thanks
  15. Ah ok sorry, should've looked, i'm currently experiencing an issue where when I use myHack it finished and says everything is fine but the USB stick is blank when I check it and it does not boot, do you know why this could be?
  16. Hi, I've used the installation guide here: http://www.osxlatitude.com/edp/documentation/on my latitude d420 however once it boots and starts the loading process it hangs on the grey apply screen with OSX LATITUDE logo on. Trying with OS X Lion. I also could not find a bootpack for a d420 so tried with a d620. If anyone could help with this installation that would be great thank you.
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