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Thank all for replies.


I've followed the voodooi2c GPIO pinning and it works but at the end in the logs does not identify the Alps TP thinking it is a Synopsys and then it is not working.

I2C seems to correctly being loaded:

VoodooGPIOSunrisePointLP::Loading GPIO Data for SunrisePoint-LP

VoodooGPIOSunrisePointLP::VoodooGPIO Init!
VoodooGPIOSunrisePointLP::VoodooGPIO Initializing Community 0
VoodooGPIOSunrisePointLP::VoodooGPIO Initializing Community 1
VoodooGPIOSunrisePointLP::VoodooGPIO Initializing Community 2
VoodooGPIOSunrisePointLP::GPIO Controller is already awake! Not reinitializing.
VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,9d60 Starting I2C controller
VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,9d61 Starting I2C controller
VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,9d61 Set PCI power state D0
VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,9d60 Set PCI power state D0
VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,9d60 Publishing nub
VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,9d60 Probing controller
class: VoodooI2CPCIController
VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,9d60 Unknown Synopsys component type: 0xffffffff
VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,9d61 Publishing nub
VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,9d61 Probing controller
VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,9d61 Unknown Synopsys component type: 0xffffffff
class: VoodooI2CControllerNub
class: VoodooI2CPCIController
class: VoodooI2CControllerNub
The Alps has 044e:1212 and 044e:079f DeviceIDs in Win10, and it has pci8086,9d60 and pci8086,9d61 in IOReg on Mac (Sierra). There is even a pci8086,9d62 I do not know what it is.
Also is shown in IOReg as TPD1
So seems OK for VoodooIC2. As per guide in their site.
Tell me if I'm correct: you are suggesting me to take the VoodooI2C kexts away from E/C/K/O an replace them with one (of the many: I'm using one sporting version 6.0.0 Feb 2017 which is the only one  which does not flip Alt and Win keys with for the king of keyboard layout I'm using iti is OK otherwise no ALTGR...) VoodooPS2Controller and with the original DSDT only modded as per your post? Or I drop have to use DSDT modded in the way https://voodooi2c.github.io suggests?


Thank you anyway.

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Yes, you need to patch DSDT for trackpad to work.

Look for Device PS2M, remove Method _STA, this will enable trackpad using VoodooPS2Controller 1.8.29

Issue is, after wake from sleep, it gets disabled for unknown reason. Until I2C is supported, this is temporary solution.

Hi I've tried with what you are suggesting with no luck:

VoodooPS2SynapticsTouchPad: Version 1.8.29 starting on OS X Darwin 16.7.

VoodooPS2Trackpad: Identify TouchPad command returned incorrect byte 2 (of 3): 0xc8
VoodooPS2Mouse: Version 1.8.29 starting on OS X Darwin 16.7.
I did take away from my DSDT the method _STA under PS2M.
With and without (original DSDT without any patch but _STA method away) I2C patches in my DSDT recompiled with MacIASL and now way the TP do not move a bit...

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That's because not all Dell's support hybrid interface (both PS2 and I2C) for trackpad. 


From VoodooPS2 log it is quite clear that your trackpad is unsupported via PS2 bus. 


You can only use VoodooI2C.



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you need to update your lilu then it might be to old for the version of AirportBrcmFixup.kext you are using also update any other lilu plugins at the same time.


if all else fails try adding your own ip in your routers range that does not conflict with other devices.

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While manually adding IP in router did work for the DW1830

connecting to any other wifi connection was either slow or buggy. Even in windows it was a real PITA

Ended up using a small wifi adapter.

I think DW1560 might be more compatible.


Has anyone had any luck with the trackpad on this series laptop?

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