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Help me with my laptop on Mojave (Inspiron 5570)


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Still waiting for the laptop (it's on the way).

As always in France, tomorrow are planned strikes with blocking of road because the gasoline is too expensive...

Not sure I'll have it tomorrow.

For hackintosh must I choose a ssd m.2 sata ssd or a m.2 nvme model ?

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Hello everybody?


I've just received my new dell 15 5000 series (Inspiron 5570 i5-8250u).

You'll find as asked here under the wifi model (DW1810):



So, is this model supported or not (I saw in Herve's link that DW1820 was ok. What about this?)

thanks and have a good day

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@morpheousman: Yes I saw but we never know, as this forum and his members are always looking best performance for there mackintosh, maybe one day this module will be functional...


@Kostas54: Thank you very much for your EFI folder. Everything is OK on my laptop (I don't test the hdmi output). For the moment, I'm using an external USB stick: TP-LINK TP-WN725N. 2 days ago, TP-LINK has posted the beta driver for this model and it works!!

The system you propose is just perfect. What kind of amelioration do you expect ? (I know I'm not an expert but for me, this laptop is just a perfect MacBook Pro).

Anyway, if I can help for something, I can try...


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You should know that usb wifi will cause problems with macos , such as battery drain and sleep. Do yourself a favour (if you want to stick with macos) and buy a compatible card like dw1560.

Can you check something for me ? Download coconut battery (free) and check if battery readings are the same as macos. At my laptop there is a 3-4% off.

And if you see any problem at all let me know.

Enjoy your macbook pro. I think you'll find out soon that our laptop behaves better on macos than on windows 10.

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2 hours ago, Bronxteck said:

Atheros cards are no longer natively supported in Mojave you might need kexts from high Sierra


Yes, I had to use a High Sierra kext for DW1702. Took the Atheros Plugin and installed it in /library/extensions. Simple fix.


I am not suggesting that an Atheros would be the best choice.  What works for me might not be correct for someone else.


Only point I was trying to make is that compatible cards are cheap. So it's best to just get one that you know works.

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Thank you for your answers men,

I will follow your recommendations, I will bought an internal wifi module. What is the best choice for a natively recognized hardware in Mojave dual band. Is the Dell DW1830 a good choice ?

I saw in specifications that it uses 3 smaller antenna connectors. Is it compatible with our Dell 5570 ?

@Kostas54: what was your choice ? any recommandation ?

Thanks for your answers. have a good day. 

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