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Dell Latitude D830 Thread


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I have installed successfully OSX 10.6 SL to my D830 laptop. Where can I now enable WiFi? I don't seem to find any program nor driver which would do that.


Also will Nvidia quadro nvs 140m perform better with osx 10.6 than with Win XP?


My laptop:


1.8 ghz dual core CPU

2gb RAM

Quadro nvs 140m




ps. thank you for great site, how-to's and program!

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In all likelyhood, you have an Intel 3945 wireless card in your D830 and that's not supported. You'll need to replace that by a Mac OS X compatible card such as DW1390, DW1395, DW1490, etc. These are Broadcom-based cards. Some Atheros cards work too. Do a search in the forum, there are tons of threads on this very matter.


DW1390 and DW1490 work OOB. DW1395 requires a kext to be installed in /E/E (either BCM43xxx kext or patched IO80211 kext). All these cards are available for pennies on ebay.


Ways to check which wireless card you have:

1) Apple menu -> About this Mac -> System Report -> Hardware -> PCI interface: Intel 3945 will be Vendor id 0x8086 and Device id 0x4222/0x4227/0x4888

2) From Windows, look at your Network Adapters under Device Manager

3) Remove plastic casing with On/Off button, remove all 3 keyboard screws and lift it. The Wireless card will be right under the keyboard. Read up the sticker.

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Decided to see if I could get the D830 going (got frustrated with Optiplex 745).  Turns out I have the model with GMA X3100 running WSXGA+ 1680x1050, so when i boot from the USB installer, my screen is blank.  Is there a possibility you folks could create a bootpack (revised DSDT) that supports WSXGA+ 1680x1050 (Lion), pretty please?

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Look at the DSDT/SSDT patching thread below and follow the process. Dinesh might be able to help you there when he has time; if you want it quick, don't hesitate to make him a little donation.



There used to be a trick on the D630 that could work around the black screen issue if you had the wrong DSDT, but I only used that as a beginner and with Snow Leopard + ModCD. Basically, the trick was to boot with an external display hooked to the laptop and on which you force display using Fn+F8 at startup. Upon boot completion and at activation of OS X desktop, the display would return to built-in LCD. Give that a go, you never know...

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