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D630 OS X Lion Install Guide


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After spending the best part of 2 whole days tinkering and playing around with my D630, I finally managed to get Lion 10.7.4 Fully working.


If you follow my quide EXACTLY it will work, and you will be rewarded with a very nice little hackintosh laptop.


You will Need:


8GB USB Flash Drive

512MB or higher USB Flash Drive

Your purchased Lion Install App

A D630 with Nvidia Graphics

Alot of patience and persistence

Some free time

A USB Keyboard and mouse

D630 Charger

Access to a working Mac


So, Lets begin:


Making your Installation USB Drive:


1. Download MyHack

2. Follow the prompts in MyHack to create your 10.7 installation media.

3. Once it has done, dont remove the USB Drive.

4. Download the Bootpack attached to this post and rename it Extra.

5. Replace the Extra folder in the USB Drive with the one you just downloaded.

6. If you have lower than 2GB ram then replace OSInstall.mpkg on your Installation Drive.

7. Your Install Drive is now ready to go.


Creating your Second USB Drive:

1. Simply copy the files I have attached in this post to the drive:





PCI Configuration Begin Fix


2. Thats all the USB Drives done, now head over to your D630!



Installing 10.7 Lion on your D630:


1. Boot from your Install USB Drive, and Use disk utility to make a Partition for OS X.

2. Continue and click install.

3. When myHack asks which extra folder to use, click use my own.

4. Point myhack in the direction of your second USB drive Extra folder and click ok.

5. Remove both kexts when it asks.

6. When it says installation finished quickly go to Utilities>MyHack before the timer counts down.

7. If you miss this just boot into your USB Install Drive again.

8 Select run Myfix

9 Be sure to select run Myfix Full (NOT QUICK NEVER USE QUICK)

10. Once it is done, remove all things plugged into D630, and reboot.

11. Cross your fingers and wait for the Lion to boot up.

12. Plug in your USB Keyboard and Mouse and follow the guide until you get to the desktop.


Installing EDP:


1. Download EDP 2.2

2. Install EDP 2.2

3. Go to your installation drive>extra> and run edp.command

4. Choose Number 1>7 for D630> 1 for apple PS2 Driver>No to both next questions> Enter to install

5. It may KP after the Install has finished, this is normal and is because it has just discovered the PS2 mouse and keyboard.

6. Do a manual restart and boot back into Lion.


Installing 10.7.4 Update:


1. Download combo update from Apple website NOT software update


3. Go to Hard Drive>System>Library>Extensions and replace both kexts with the ones found in PCI Configuration Begin Fix

4. Run myHack and do a myfix full again.

5. Restart and boot into 10.7.4!


Getting Wifi and Sleep back:


1. Run edp again after update if required.

2. Install the modified IO80211Family.kext provided with any kext installer.

3. Reboot, you should now have wifi working fine.

4. Install the modified Sleepenabler.kext for 10.7.4 (dont use any other than the one provided as it will cause instant KP.

5. Reboot (Run myFix again if needed)

6. You now have a Dell D630 with some Attitude!

7. Enjoy Lion!!!!!


Remember to ALWAYS remove sleepanbler.kext before and major system update.


The D630 can run Mountain Lion due to the Nvidia Graphics, The installation method should be pretty similar to this - I havent tried it yet though



KP -Kernel Panic

EDP - Extra Driver Package


Thanks for all the help from the forum, would appreciate it if an admin pinned this thread!


Happy Hackintoshing!




Other Stuff.zip

PCI Confriguration Begin.zip


Extra - Bootpack.zip

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great tutorial. i always had 10.7 installed with quad boot Win7 / macos / linux / android. i was so afraid to update to 10.7.4 and have it not working again. follow this tutorial and everything worked smoothly. i panic abit when wifi didn't come back on. but coping IO80211.kext to /extra/extenstion worked.

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Glad you found the tutorial of some use! I am looking forward to writing one for mountain lion when it comes out.


Yes I don't know why wifi disappears on 10.7.4 everything works great on 10.7.0, but I believe apple made some changes to that next on the 10.7.3 update.



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