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Latitude 5480: slow boot with Monterey beta


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Hi Everyone,


I have just booted to Monterey few minutes ago, But I'm having an issue, where the OS takes more than 2 minutes to boot (t=0s when the Apple Logo shows up), compared to the about 7 seconds on Big Sur, My EFI is the same except that I have added the boot flag "-lilubetaall" (Without it, the system is stuck on a boot loop)

My specs are the following

CPU : i5 6300U

iGPU : HD Graphics 520 

Wireless Card : AC 8265 Dual Band (Not Working maybe because the Airportilwm.kext is not supported on Monterey


Everything else is working perfectly except the Headphone Jack (Wasn't working on Big Sur too, but was working on Catalina)


Hope someone helps 🙏, Thanks in Advance.

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Didn't work


Here is what I noticed (It's Pretty Obvious) when booting on Verbose Mode, The message "Apple Keystore...Operation Failed"  keeps popping up dozens of times during the boot, It is clearly the cause of the slow boot, since the last lines were just printing this message and it's stuck there for about 2 minutes, then it boots !





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Thanks @Bronxteck

Removing both the Intel Bluetooth Kexts fixed the issue, the system now boots in less than 10 seconds, also the WiFi is now working perfectly after updating the AirportItlwm.kext to the 2.0 version

Bad News

Replacing the old Intel Bluetooth Kexts by theyr latest versions reproduces the same issue again (slow boot), looks like the Bluetooth is unfixable or Am I just missing something ?

Until now, Everything works except :


Headphone Jack

Touchpad Gestures (Impossible to fix they said, because its a I2C one)

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On 6/17/2021 at 5:19 PM, Bronxteck said:

it is not that it is impossible. it is just that none of the devs that would have the skills to code for it have the machine. necessity is the mother of invention.

Well, That's a wise saying I must say :0


On 6/17/2021 at 9:01 PM, Hervé said:

It's 1st beta and Bluetooth is buggy, even for real Macs. So guys, just be patient.

Interesting hmm...

I honestly have never used bluetooth on my laptop, I can be patient, I just wanted to post my EFI somewhere I guess I will have to wait.

In the mean time, I will try to fix the Headphone Jack, It may be useful 

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