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Dell Precision 5510: Unable to use 4k built-in screen

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Hello Jake Lo,
I have created the text file PE32 IFR.TXT according to your instructions.
(I assume that this only serves to check whether the parameters for patching are correct. So if the value for DVMT is 0x432  is already 0x4).
Then I created the boot stick with grub and executed the command setup_var 0x432 0x4.
In the config.plist I then have the two patches:

The directory /Library/Displays removed to.

nvram-reset and started it.
Unfortunately without success
Is there still a change to get the int. monitor running?



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Hello Broxteck,

when I start with the ext. monitor {Fn}+{F8}, then I get the apple (I never had until now).
Just before switching on the apple I still see the message:
Probing ...
Starting ...

When I start with the int. monitor, with the ext. still connected, the PC freezes.
The ext. monitor stays dark and on the int. monitor is the message:
IGPU setting ...

boot mit ext-mon.jpg

boot mit int-mon.jpg

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