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OpenCore: problem after updating from v0.6.8 to v0.7.3


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Hi there. On a Dell E7440 i7, I use the attached EFI with OC v0.6.8 and BigSur 11.5.2.
They are not updating anything lately. But I wanted to yesterday.
I updated the OC folder structure to v0.7.3 and updated the kexts with an OC configurator.
Unfortunately, after a reboot, only the apple logo lights up and does not proceed.
Could someone help me with what could be this mistake? How can I find out what the problem is?
In the Clover Configurator there was an option to write out what was finally at boot time during the book, can you have this option here as well? Could someone possibly help with what could be the mistake?
Thanks in advance for all the help!


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Your screenshot shows that macOS is not even starting to load...


You need to update your OC config so that it matches the v0.7.3 standards and requirements. That's the trouble with OpenCore, they change the way parameters and elements of the config must be defined and organised from one version to the other. Given that they release a new version every month, it can be a pain in the backside... There are threads at InsanelyMac that provide full recap of what's changed from version n to version n+1. I suggest you consult them all so that you suss out what you need to modify in your config. Do follow the monthly updates posted at Dortania too.



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OpenCoreAuxilliaryTool (OCAT) would be of a great help in configuring the config.plist to wring out errors (google it). When you use OCAT, you have to update the 4 main programs of OpenCore (OpenCore.efi, Bootx64.efi, OpenRuntime.efi and OpenCanopy.efi) so they match the version of OCAT you use. When it's done, when you save the config.plist, OCAT verify it on the spot, and automatically arrange the missing values with the default settings. The first line in your screen capture states that a field is misconfigured. Further than that, your efi folder would be required to further states what's wrong. Dortania OpenCore guide (also to google) have an excellent guide explaining all the values and quirks of the config.plist. 

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