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ELAN and FocalTech (Smart Touchpad) driver Issues


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hi EMlyDinEsH , i get some issue with smart touchpad kext,,  my touchpad is synaptic, 

i get my touchpad doesnt work correctly, sometimes it auto click and i need usb mouse to stop that, and multitouch doesnt work,, i try to scroll using multitap but doesn't work.. sometimes clickpad doesnt work,, but touchpad work,, my notebook is toshiba c840,,,


EL capitan 10.11.2

Clover bootloader

Touchpad driver 4.5


sorry for my bad english EMlyDinEsH

here my ioreg and system log,,



Sorry for late reply. You have v7.2 hardware (supports only v7.5+) which is not supported by my driver yet, so if you want support and serious in helping me with beta tests during weekend then PM me.

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Thank you for this driver.


Three finger left/right swiping doesn't work on my Asus UX32LN, with ELAN touchpad v4 (firmware version 0x361f02).

Three finger swipe up/down works, and shows the launchpad or the app switcher.


OS X 10.11.2, Clover, driver from ELAN_v4.0.5.zip.





Looks like I may have to edit Keyboard Type ID in ApplePS2ElanTouchpad.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ApplePS2Keyboard.kext/Contents/Info.plist

As described here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5969-details-about-the-enhanced-keyboard-for-smart-touchpad-driver


Is there an ID for Danish?


Let me see your keyboard picture and choose your layout from here: http://gate2home.comthen let me know. 

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I've got 2 problems with your driver for my touchpad. I recorded a video for your convenience. The first one is when you touch a trackpad with your finger, the cursor starts to move with trembling (you can see this happening from the sixth to the tenth of a second). The other is when you scroll using 2 finger gesture and then stop, but your fingers are on the trackpad, scrolling starts to move with trembling again (13-40). Probably, these are bugs, but I don't know.


Dell Inspiron 3521, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F1509), Clover v2.3 r3300, Synaptics touchpad, Driver v4.5




I have to debug, so please PM me if you can help me with beta tests.

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I have exactly the same problem like in the post above! Cursor starts to move, when i place finger on the touchpad. And the same problem with scrolling. Any others features works perfectly.


Thanks for your work, hope you can fix it. It's the best driver for touchpad!


HP Envy DV6 7377er, El Capitan 10.11.3, Clover v2.3 r3333, Synaptics touchpad, Driver v4.5


I have to debug, so please PM me if you can help me with beta tests.

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i am using the last ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext and patched my DSDT with this guide 


for me the key are Q1C and Q1D

but now if i push only tne FN key , it increase the backlight

and the sleep combinaison not always work (FN F4)

if you can help me

my laptop is a ACER 7741zg OS X 10.10.5, clover r3330

here are all needed files


thank you for the work


Try to set Vendor layout to Acer by editing keyboard plist according to keyboard features thread and see. If you have still issue then PM me.

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Hello. I have an Asus R557LA.

When i want to double-click i need tripple-click to open anything..

A picture of my setting and the log and the other file is in my onedrive: http://1drv.ms/21tFsyM


I did not get you exactly. If you want to open some app then read the features thread for creating a keyboard shortcut as Extended Function key             #6             and assign that to gesture you want accordingly             #1             .

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Ive got anoying bug with volume controll via function keys. In macs when you use fn keys, volume indicator goes left or right by one dot? square?, i mean there is about 17? points of volume. If something is not clear just tell. Now, when i use fn keys to pass one square? dot? i need to click 3 or 4 times, it looks like in the picture. (picture http://postimg.org/image/om3d8t2yb/) After reboot it fix but in short time issue shows up again.

Ive got OSX El Capitan, on Samsung NP730u3e, driver: Smart Touchpad 4.5, ive made only changes about gestures on touchpad, ive got Elan Touchpad. 

Sorry for my bad english.


Disable Finer Volume control feature (which makes 16 to 64 levels) from keyboard plist. 

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Hello! My Samsung keyboard backlight shortcuts aren't working.


When I press the FN + F10 (keyboard backlight up) nothing happens. And FN +F9 (keyboard backlight down) increases the laptop screen brightness.

Besides that, other shortcuts are working fine (Volume, Screen Brightness, Disable touchpad).


I've edited keyboard plist do "SAMSUNG" and changed to Mode 3. Is there a way to get the keyboard backlight to work? Can I send you a PM with my DSDT, ioreg and system log for you take a look?

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