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Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

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Just to close the loop on correcting K/B backlight functionality for the Asus Q500a, I have included a simple recipe here.


Please note that if your DSDT reveals that you make a function call similar to ...


^^PCI0.LPCB.EC0.WRAM (0x044B, Local0)


to set your K/B backlight levels then the currently published keyboard backlight patches are probably for you.


However, if your DSDT reveals that you make function calls more similar to ...


^^PCI0.LPCB.EC0.ECXT (0xB6, 0xFF, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero)


to set your K/B backlight levels, you might want to have a glance at the file enclosed below.


The modifications within are what I used to get the K/B backlight working properly on the Ivy-Bridge Asus Q500a.


Happy hacking ;)



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Yea, pretty cool, huh ?


Aw shux, thanks for that. Sometimes I have my moments. But thanks really need to be shared with EMlyDinEsh, without whom, none of this would even exist and to the rehabman. His ACPIKeyboard and ACPIDebug tools made it possible for me to dig in and really see what the heck was and, even more importantly, was NOT going on in there !


and thank YOU for sharing your Lilu/ALC audio solution. That got me an input device. I still have no integrated mic but at least my mic input jack is working now.


So, do you need to load AsusNBFnKeys.kext now or does your K/B backlight work from FnKeys with only the ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext alone ?


and do you need to press Fn+F3/F4 or just F3/F4 to operate K/B backlight -/+ ?

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Hi there!

First of all, thanks for your work, the kext is awesome!  B)

I got a new machine, it uses a usb keyboard that show up as ROG Macrokey, with this kext I was able using your patch for kabylake to make the keyboard light up! Great!


But I'm having a couple of problems:

  1. brightness up and down are working with the wrong key: FN+PAUSE and FN+Pag. UP
  2. I'm not able to change keyboard brightness with keys (it just powers on while booting)
  3. screen disabling - sleep - airplane -project -screen on/off keys do not work (I use i2c for trackpad and as far as I understood disabling trackpad works only with your PS2 driver)
  4. ACPIDebug doesn't output (maybe cause the keyboard is not PS2)

I'm attaching the DSDT...

I hope there is a way to fix these problems!

Thanks a lot!



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Oh thanks for the tip, I know karabiner, it's a great app, but the thing I'm missing the most is the ability to change keyboard brightness, no keys do that...

I don't know if it's something I'm missing out there or its a matter of support on the usb keyboards by the driver!


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