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We are gonna work on integrating this system in EDP! Stay tuned, it will cost a few days until I have gathered all files.


After we have added it, you can easily install just like our other systems! :)

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Can you please send your Extra folder (with DSDT + SSDT) to [email protected] I would like to add it to EDP. It is a nice system :).


If needed Dinesh could have a look to improve it. He is our Asus expert. He has written the Elantech kexts, Asus backlight kext and the Asus FN kext.

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Thank you for this awesome tutorial.I have the same laptop,altough I have a couple of questions regarding compatibility.

  • Does the external vga input work?(I mainly use my laptop with an external monitor for work).
  • Is there any chance that there will be a solution to the original(Atheros AR9485) wifi card work?

I have another question regarding the installation:

  • Do I have to format my entire hard drive when installing osx or it's enough to have a single partition formatted?
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