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[Guide] E7440 with Clover


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Try it out.


Layout-id and port numbers could be different from the E6440 of course (sorry, no personal experience with HD4400 on the E7440 mode) but the HD4400 is more or less a low-energy tuned-down version (reduced frequencies, no VGA support, etc.) of the HD4600 for ULV Haswell CPUs. Nevertheless, they're brothers of the same Haswell GT2 family.


Have a look at RampageDev's blog pages for HD4400/HD4600 support.

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You probably just need to format it first.

The drive uses NTFS and other devices have no problem reading it.

Did you rebuild your cache after AppleHPET kext removal? Until you do that, it's as if you never removed it...

Yes, rebuilt permissions and the cache.
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