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HP Pavilion G7-1235EG - need help :)


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I try to install OSX on this Laptop...




I can only start with bootflag cpus=1... now it is ok... but then the screen is crazy.. like this






I find a DSDT from an Medion Laptop with the same Problem... i try this DSDT and the screen are fine :)


Install complete.. but now i don't can install any kext... for example the Lan Kext...


Can somebody ptach my DSDT with the same patch from the Medion DSDT?



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If you have a myHack installation, open up Terminal, run the lspci -nn command then post the results here. This will list the complete set of hardware connected to the PCI bus. We'll then know exactly what kind of LAN interface you have and that'll help us identify the likely driver for it.

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Ok Lan works.... thx..


I don't can used a other Wifi Card... My bios block this... But i have one 9850 and one 4352

Do you have an idea?


and the Other Problems...


how can i boot without cpus=1?

I Have install voodooHDA... Sound work but i don't can regulate loudness... I see the sound symbol but is ist the same...

How can battery symbol works?

And i don't controll the Brightness :(


With the Medion DSDT i have the Slider under system-monitor

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Like JakeLo said:

Your wireless card is not supported.


There are no known OS X drivers for that model on Mediatek web site -> replace it by a supported card (watch the damn HP whitelist!) or use a supported USB dongle.

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