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[SOLVED] E6420 Monitor Sleep (Turn Off) on Boot? Fresh Install of El Capitan


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Hello I've decided to try my hand at installing OS X on my E6420 for the 2nd time. I just installed El Capitan 10.11.5 using Jake Lo's guide. Everything appears to be fully functional except for one thing, my laptop monitor will always turn off during boot. The system is running fine in the background but my monitor just turns off for whatever reason. Unplugging and repluging the charger is my current work around. This works when have access to a wall outlet, but otherwise I am stuck with the monitor off.    I am using the e6420 bootpack with the DSDT-LowRes.aml as my display's resolution is 1366x768. Also I do not have optimus on my laptop.



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i also have an issue in which 7 times out of 10 when the computer boots the screen turns off after the apple logo and it goes straight in to sleep mode.

once sleeping i can press the power button and the computer works.

if i hit keys when the computer is coming up to prevent sleep the monitor will stay shut off while i hear the keys being pressed.

I tried unplugging the ac charger and the monitor comes up but then it goes off again.



Do i have to do something as well to my DSDT file like in the previous post?


i am using the boot pack from this site on my:

dell e6420


intel i7 2.8

1600x900 graphics




i have attached my EFI folder in case needed.





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