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Give this new Config + ACPI (patched DSDT/SSDT) + kexts a try.

Replace to /EFI/Clover


Note: Might have to delete these in /S/L/E if you enter KP regarding I2C

AppleHPM.kext, AppleIntelLpssI2C.kext and AppleIntelLpssI2CController.kext


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Your system is booting from different files than what I sent you. I set SMBios to MBP14,1, yours is showing MBP13,1.

Are you replacing the files to the correct EFI directory that's booting from?

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Hi Everybody,


Don't mean to hijack this thread. I also have a Dell Latitude e7280 with a 6th gen intel i5 6300 CPU and intel HD520. I installed El capitan on it following the generic dell install post with the skylake E7X70 bootpack.

For me touchpad works with the bootpack ApplePS2 kext, touch to tap and two finger tap works, the only issue is i can't get the trackpad preference pane to show up to active two finger scrolling. I think i tried most of the Alps Voodoo kext, nothing yet has allowed me to enable the scrolling.

Maybe you could try that kext for your touchpad as well? ( unless i'm completely missing something, hackintoshing is pretty new to me).

As a report:

I still have the intel wireless card so wi-fi doesn't work.

I couldn't get audio to work, I also have the ALC256, i will try the files given in this thread and report what works.

I have issues with sleep/wake as well, the laptop won't sleep when i close the lid and of course the trackpad is not responsive when waking up...


A little bit I noticed is sometimes booting from clover won't go all the way and reboot, or KP ( more rare), i fix it by enabling Enable Legacy Roms from Bios. It usually helps with those weird bugs, however it needs to be disabled or else the computer will freeze when plugging/unplugging the power cord.


Everything else works, USB ports even the USB-C,ethernet, keyboard brightness (also another tidbit, native FN+Brightness doesn't work , the right combination is FN+ s or FN+b on my model, si I dont even need karabiner, the other shortcuts are normal),...


The only changes i made to the bootpack was remove everything related to audio to the config plist or the kexts since they were not working at all.

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