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DW5570: how can i use the WWAN under High Sierra?

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Sorry, but I see we entry in precise specification technical, but I'm not an electronics technician.

Hmm...Do I think good? I must "plug off" pin 20 (on modem), that my modem would be in ONLINE mode?


I hope that in soon it will be explained if it will be online mode or I'll must buy other model.

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No need to be an electronic engineer... Simply put a small and narrow piece of cellotape (or any other type of self-attaching masking tape) over the entire pin 20 of your card to entirely isolate it. Do you follow? You can Google for pin 20 if you need further illustration.


It would be quite a challenge to place the properly-sized piece of masking tape over pin20 only, so apply wider-than-required piece of tape on your card, then use a small cutter to remove the excess parts.

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Yes, I tryed unselecting WWAN from my second bios screenshot the switch control one, but it did not help :(.  hmmm...We give up or fight still with it?


I think about a buy this model LTE.
Is it a full supported with macOS High Sierra? 

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On 2/7/2018 at 10:24 PM, viking1304 said:


I made a kext for HS based on what Hervé suggested to me, but card didn't work until I changed USBCOMP mode.


You absolutely need to change card's USBCOMP mode (from Linux or Windows), since card can't work in macOS with it's default mode, even if kext is perfectly fine.


I would recommend to set USBCOMP mode to 14, since that way card will work in macOS, Windows and Linux and you will probably not have to change it ever again. If you do not care about other OS, you can set it to either 14, 6 or 8 - all of them will work in macOS.


It is probably easiest to change USBCOMP mode from Linux with swi_setusbcomp.pl script. Just use a Ubuntu USB stick with persistent storage and install those packages (even I am not sure if modem-manger-gui is actually needed):

sudo apt-get install perl
sudo apt-get install libuuid-tiny-perl
sudo apt-get install libipc-shareable-perl
sudo apt-get install modem-manager-gui

Download script from here and run it like this:

sudo perl swi_setusbcomp.pl --usbcomp=14


I changed PID value in my Legacy_Sierra_QMI_10.13.kext in order to make it work for you (in attachment), but it would only work after you change USBCOMP mode.


Good luck.



Thank you for your guide. But this one is not working for me:

root@FaserF-NB:/home/faserf# perl swi_setusbcomp.pl --usbcomp=14
Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at swi_setusbcomp.pl line 481.
'/dev/cdc-wdm0' is not a character device

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