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Lenovo Y520: SD Card Reader and sleep don't work


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Windows on work

Hervé said the same O2 SD card reader (pci1217,8621) of Lenovo ThinkPad E470 fully working

But you can see the in OC he used the DSDT patch no Device Properties 




And you can see that the patch  defined the SDXC is on EXP5

I do not know the difference between PR and EXP

截圖 2022-06-29 下午5.01.27.png

截圖 2022-06-29 下午5.12.00.png

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ACPI arrangements of the Lenovo E470 are irrelevant and do not concern your specific model, which is different.

DSDT patch or device properties injection all make up for the same goal in the end; they're just different ways to achieve the same thing.


Why the well-known SD card reader patch won't work for you is something that eludes me totally. Maybe something obvious we've all missed!

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About  Fixing Sleep Problems
Three methods are mentioned in Dortania Guides -OpenCore Post-Install-Fixing Sleep - Keyboard Wake Issues


  • Set acpi-wake-type to the USB Controller(Recommended)
  • Create a fake ACPI Device
  • Disable darkwake(not ideal, as background tasks will also turn on the display)

Do that mean to try one by one, or use both of all

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