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DELL Optiplex 9020 - trouble installing Yosemite

Julio Bernardo

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I'm trying to install Yosemite 10.10 created in a 8g HD partiton by unifail. (This partition is ok. My problem is after this, when I try to start Yosemite installation.)
So, I tried to boot my computer with this partition (unifail), but apple screens quickly appears (installation screen) and then, rebooting my computer.
With the BOOT FLAG  -v, I get the last line "Starting Darwin x86_64", then after this, reboot the pc.
So, please, I really need help about this, I'm a beginner with hackintosh. 
Thank you!!
My Bios Settings:
Legacy (No Secure Mode)
My PC:
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Unicrap has its own web site if you want support for it. It's not supported here. I suggest you read the many other posts found on this forum about Optiplex systems and the various Clover-based guides for Yosemite.

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Thanks Hervé.


Well, I've already searched about this here, but I just found about 9020, this: 



I'd like to install Yosemite, but MyHack doesn't support it (or I didn't found it). 


I've already tried several things. In another computer, "Installer" runs perfectly.


Is there something that I can do or just give up?
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You can make up a Yosemite USB installer using the same process detailed here, then install Clover on the USB key. Then add any required Optiplex 9020-specific files to the Clover EFI folder (DSDT, kexts, etc.).


The most important thing to successfully boot your Clover-based installer will probably be to select the kernel CPUM Haswell patching (in case you find system hangs or reboots). Desktop HD4600 is natively supported in Yosemite, though you may have to adjust the layout-id. This can be done either through Clover (in the Graphics section) or through DSDT injection.

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Sorry, I'm begginer and I've no idea about 'kext' or where I can find it. I've downloaded clover, but simply doesn't work, it's because can't USB bootable. I think clover didn't copy Yosemite Installer 10.10 to the USB, so I can't use it to starting Yosemite installation, because there's no Operating System in USB. I need a special help, because I'm lost about this. 
I'm trying, but all about hackintosh is still very unclear for me. 
Thanks again. Keep Trying.
Where can I find Optiplex 9020 specific files?
What's DSDT ?
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Yosemite can be hard enough for experienced Hackintoshers, so for beginners, it's going to be a challenge. 1st you'll need an existing Hack or a Mac and a copy of downloaded Yosemite installation app. Then you'll need to follow the process detailed in that link I posted to create your USB installer.


Then you'll have to try, try, retry and retry again until you eventually manage to boot the USB installer and hopefully install Yosemite. Then, you'll have to tune your installation because not everything will work in the 1st place.

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