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DW1820a - the general troubleshooting thread

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Hi all, have been playing around with the driver to see if I can get firmware upload in Mojave  to work on my dw1820a without needing windows to upload the firmware.     It seems to be worki

I put a photo in the hidden area of my reply here. I attached 2 photos below too. I can't explain the reason though, I just followed some threads elsewhere when I was configuring.

Ok, I downloaded the latest driver for DW1820A I could find on Dell's web site here (Win7 64bit for XPS 9350, dated May 2019). I extracted the firmware 1707 for our 0A5C:6412 DW1820A device: BCM4

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My incorrectly labled 0VW3T3(08PKF4 with wrong MAC) now appears to be working almost perfectly (occational kp on reboot from Windows) on my Lenovo T450s after installing 10.14.6. I'm using AirportBrcmFixup and the driver is set to 1 in my boot config.

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My DW1820A is 096JNT


Sorry everyone, my English is so poor, but I am trying my best to express what I mean.

A few days ago, I bought 1820A, today i use it on my Lenovo laptop R720 (Mojave10.14.6 i5-7300HQ HD630 )


I read a few another posts and modified my EFI file, but it can use for a while (10 minutes), then wifi was disconnected, and the system became very lagging. I tried various kinds today. I tried it for a day, but it didn't solve it.

now i shield WIFI in BIOS, because if it became lagging, i reboot my laptop, it can not boot successfully, some panics,


I have to block WIFI in BIOS first, then turn laptop on, then go in and unblock wifi, then turn it on again to use WIFI again, about 10 minutes or so, no matter 2.4g or 5g.(T^T   ,  my english is so poor ..sorry)


This is my clover file. 



thank you very much. please help me if you can.


some pictures





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You're expected to try the various solutions/workarounds detailed throughout this thread...


Bear in mind that this card is something of a lottery and may simply not work in your Hackintosh. Should that be the conclusion, you'll just have to consider replacing your card by a properly model (eg: DW1560) or a USB adapter.

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hello guys,

i've been watching all topic about 1820A here. my card is 096JNT 1028:022. My laptop is HP Probook G4 440 with intel 8250u. with Mojave 10.14.6, SMBIOS MacbookAir7,1. i already tried all possibility configuration here. but most of them is ended with lagging and freezing after ~5-10 minutes.


finally, this is my second attempt with my mojave running without lagging and freezing. so decided to share with you.

what i did:

1. i mask just 2 pin at backside. however if i put mask also in 3 pin frontside my wifi is disable weather in Windows and mojave. ( i put 2 OS in my laptop). in this condition my wifi is enable in windows and mojave. however the bluetooth is enable but in both OS can't connect to any device. *it's ok for me. only wifi enable without trouble quite make happy. 

2. i use driver BCM4350C5_003.006.007.0222.4689 in mojave and also in windows. however i think this important to have driver in windows and mojave remain the same. cmiiw.

3. i put all kext in \L\E and then running kextcache and permission. however i think this is important action too. i used to put kext in inject folder: Other, without running kextcache and permission but my system always ended with lagging.


that's all. thank you for your work and inspiration guys. especially https://osxlatitude.com/profile/4953-hervé/ , https://osxlatitude.com/profile/123094-daliansky/ and naidis.

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After two months dealing with DW1820A  0VW3T3 with id=0023, I have some conclusions:

- The success is depend on specific computer designation. With High Sierra, Wifi works OOB in Dell 3040 micro without any hack, but not works stable with: 1) Lenovo M900 mini; 2) HP Prodesk G3 mini (desktops); 3) Lenovo Thinkpad T440s (laptop). Since it works OOB in Dell 3040 micro, it implies that High Sierra has a native kext for DW1820A (therefore, no need for changing PCI properties to force kext to load), but it will work or not is depended on machine ACPI implementation.

- The card works OOB with Yosemite and absolutely stable. Tested on Thinkpad T440s with BIOS. v2.26.

- In both Windows and OS X, if wifi works at 2.4Ghz then bluetooth is laggy (or bluetooth works but wifi is laggy). Since Windows and OS X are both suffered this, I think that the problem is in the card itself. I don't know if the infamous DW1560 is suffered this problem or not, someone can confirm that?

- I also have a Lenovo 00JT494 with the same Broadcom chip. It is worse (less stable or not works at all) than then DW1820A so it is not recommended.


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20 minutes ago, Onism said:

some minutes ago, i try with your guide, but wifi disconnected in some minutes and system is lagging.must mask 2 pins?i dont mask 2 pins

somehow in my case is yes. i tried mask 5 pins but my wifi is gone. remain just bluetooth that can't connect to any device. i tried 3 pins, bluetooth and wifi are gone. (all situations both in Windows and mojave). with masking only 2 pins at backside wifi working as i describe above.


i already used configuration without masking pins too. but the result is just same. ended with lagging and/or freezing. so masking 2 pins is the best scenario for my card.


55 minutes ago, tqbinh said:


- In both Windows and OS X, if wifi works at 2.4Ghz then bluetooth is laggy (or bluetooth works but wifi is laggy). Since Windows and OS X are both suffered this, I think that the problem is in the card itself. I don't know if the infamous DW1560 is suffered this problem or not, someone can confirm that?



yes i agreed with this.

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