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DW1820a - the general troubleshooting thread


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Hello there,


I bought DW1820A with part number 0VW3T3 (same Mac address in label and in system info).


With 2.4 Ghz -> work normal without kext, only add devices properties in Clover.

With 5 Ghz -> can't scan any wifi 5 Ghz (i don't know why)

With bluetooth -> working (Airdrop, Handoff ....)


But with 5 Ghz band, how to fixed it ?

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Should work OOB or experiment with country code parameter as per detailed in the guide. I know of no specific issue with 5GHz networks for this card or of any specific mods on the matter. Just make sure both antennas wires are properly connected. Failing that, your card may just be defective...


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@nickhx, hello.
At present, I have a problem: dw1820a can be used normally with your compiled driver, then I would like to know what content is modified by your source code, or can you share your modified source code, if my request is offensive, please ignore me. Thank you! I hope to get your help.

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Final, i got dw1820A working both WLAN and Bluetooth without kernel panic (10.15)


1. I use DW1820A with OVW3T3 (I don't know this way work other DW1820A),


Tape pin with guide Naidis 



2. Remove Pci device + boot-args in clover config


            <string>Airport Extreme</string>
            <string>Dell DW1820 (BCM4350) 802.11ac wireless</string>


3. Remove kext BrcmAirportFix

4. Add FakePCIID + FakepciiD_Broadcom_WiFi.kext in C/K/O and L/E



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