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HP 810 G2: Big Sur with OpenCore - fan not detected


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Hi guys I saw on Reddit that someone was successful in installing Big Sur on the above laptop with OpenCore with touch screen working.

I managed to buy 1 for a cheap price and the installation went well except that there is no fan detected so fans are almost always on and I cannot apply rehabman fan patch.

I managed to find a clover efi folder from Mojave where everything works even fans so I applied the patch.

I have been trying Big Sur with OpenCore for a week almost everyday trying experiments, no joy and I'm getting frustrated trying with different ssdt, going to bed late at night but no joy, even with clover although I updated clover to latest version; it won't boot.

I enclose both efi folders in case someone can point me in the right direction as I am about to throw the laptop in despair 

I don't know what to do anymore  

PS: After sleep touch screen does not work I think because is found as USB



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Hi Hervé I'm glad you have answered the keyboard is French but I do not know what I need to press to get the @ sign


Specs are as follows:

  • Laptop Make and Model: HP Revolve 810 G2
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4310U CPU @2.00GHz
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Audio Codec: IDT 92HD91BXX (layout 13)
  • Ethernet Card: Intel® l218LM GbE
  • Wifi/BT Card: WiFi - Intel 7260 / Intel BT


More detailed specs here:



If you need more details let me know

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Nice little toy!


Make sure to select "French PC" keyboard. Then you may obtain the "@" character through either [ALT][à] or [Win][à] depending on whether you've swapped Option and Command keys or not.


Regarding your OpenCore setup, you may seek inspiration from the Big Sur guide I posted for my Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B. It's a similar type of Haswell platform with i5-4210U & HD4400 graphics. Obviously not all kexts are applicable to your HP laptop since it has different audio/LAN/wifi/etc. but most of the OC config should be re-usable, especially the Quirks. One parameter that I expect you'll specifically require will be Lapic kernel patch (because it's a HP platform).


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Hi Herve' thanks for the @ suggestion it works now I know hp require lapic kernel patch but all my system which are hp I don't have it and I have no problems with it

The only problem with OpenCore setup is the fan While I was playing with differnts dsdt and configs form other hp there was 1 where fan was detected but

then I did not have the battery

Unfortunately as I tried so many efis I cannot remember which one it was I did write on it fan ok no batt but god knows what happened to it

If I cannot sort it there is no option but to go back to Mojave🙄   

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Hi Jake Lo I tried to boot with ssdt from Mojave it won't boot 

I noticed with Mojave after sleep I still have touchscreen while in bigSur I have not 

As I was saying there was an efi while I was testing with differents config from other hp laptop that fan was working but then no battery

I enclose my IORegistry file from both os




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