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ELAN, FocalTech and Synaptics (Smart Touchpad) Driver (Mac OS X)

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Last update: 17 Sep 2017   UPDATE: 17 - 09 - 2017 Just wanted to clear few things about my commitments to community, and development on my projects which has been going slow due to my personal life

@EMlyDinEsH It's been more than 2 years since last update of the kext and about 1,5 year since last update of the first post. Can you finally release the source code, so someone could finally improve

macOS Sierra: some Fn keys do not work and trackpad work only as mouse. Please fix.

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I have a couple of problems regarding this driver.

I somehow got it to work once, can't remember how now and I can't access trackpad in system preferences.

1. Is drag to scroll supposed to work the way it works? When you hold down your fingers it swipes infinitely.

2. How do I get it back into my system preferences? It's all gray when I click it.

3. Will two-finger horizontal swipe work in safari to go back or forward a page?

4. Why doesn't workspace switching work? Instead it puts all kinds of weird symbols into search field if it happens to have it focused.

5. The only gesture that works is two-finger drag (and it's not perfect - see question 1)

6. When I use my trackpad I hear my laptop sizzle a bit - is it a known issue or is it a defect in mine? (also happens with a mouse)

7. When I move my finger across the trackpad just a tiny bit, the cursor "slides" a few pixels in the same direction. Why is that?

8. Why do I have to push so hard on the trackpad? It used to be a gentle push with Synaptic drivers (RehabMan) (which had 0 gestures).


My laptop is an acer f5-573g and I don't think I have any kexts that could interfere with this one.

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@fan0, Apple has changed a lot of stuffs including PS2 code in macOS High Sierra. Hence, the right click value doesn't work, it instead opens up force close menu.


Dinesh is working on it and will come up with an update soon. Also, just FYI, all other values work as they are written in ApplePS2SmartTouchpad documentation.




some values in the guide are wrong. i am employing trial and error to get the right values...


3 - not working (supposed to be launcher)

33 - Right Click


I have the launcher menu and right click working on High Sierra, I'm not sure why you are experiencing that.


See attached file for the my own used info.plist for your reference


This info.plist also contains interim fix for:

Mouse in inactive for 1-2 seconds after typing

Backlight flickering when adjusting brightness up or down.



Below for details of functions i set:


Touchpad Shortcuts



1 finger - Click

2 finger - Right Click

3 finger - Middle Click

4 finger - Fullscreen

5 finger - Application Switcher



2 finger - Scroll Up/Down/Left/Right

Right edge Scroll Up/Down


Swipe(4 Finger)

Up - Mission Control

Down - Application Windows

Left/Right - Switch Desktop


Swipe(3 Finger)

Up - Launchpad

Down - Desktop

Left - Back

Right - Forward


Swipe(2 Finger Edge)

R->L - Notification Center

L->R - Show/Hide Dock


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I have the launcher menu and right click working on High Sierra, I'm not sure why you are experiencing that.

Maybe I forgot to mention that this "Not Working" issue affects certain touch-pads only. FocalTech, in my case. And please remember, on a hack, your mileage may vary as everyone has different system configurations.



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Unfortunately I can't provide the plist file. I couldn't find any information on that. Can you point me to that, please?

As you are using CLOVER to inject ApplePS2SmartTouchpad (it is not recommended as the kext was never meant to be injected by CLOVER.) You might consider installing it to /S/L/E or /L/E on 10.11+


The Info.plist of any kext resides in KextName.kext/Contents/Info.plist (You need to right click on the kext and select show package contents to see "Contents" folder of a kext)



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