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Dell Latitude E6220


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There's a non-exhaustive list of supported/unsuported wireless cards in R&D->Hardware->Wifi/Bluetooth section of the forum. Did you try patching the Broadcom kext or the BCM43xxFamily kext? BCM4322 cards are supported, so may be a card based on BCM43228 could be too.


PS: don't tell your mother-in-law, change the card discreetly! In fact, one should NEVER tell anything to a mother-in-law...

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inside the extra folder I'm guessing there is a file called SSDT.aml sometimes there are more then one. it is for cpu speed stepping. if you do not have the same cpu then delete the file.


Ok so first I update my signature, I update the bios to A13 and I remade the 10.9 install key with myhack ...

Disable all peripheral in the bios exept C-state, sata in ahci and touchpad in ps2;

I made the installation and at 1 minute from the finish it ask me for the extra folder and I choose the general one, I choose to remove problematic kext and installation go on until (before the "installation completed") it reboot;

At boot it ask me for the first configuration of user ecc ... It seems all ok but after second reboot it always hang with kernel panic ...


I install extra from the package gently posted by "Jake Lo" without SSDT and DSDT but there is no difference ....

I can only boot in -x :( without audio lan wifi ...

Do you have any Idea ??

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