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Dell Latitude 7490 - Mojave

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hi, I read all posts that I can find regarding Latitude 7490 ( with the Micron 256 GB SSD).

I also bought a Dell Latitude WiFi Card 0VW3T3 DW-1820A

I followed the install guide from Herve, same picture here with the files 6 and also 7 I got KP.

I renamed DSDT and I was able to install Mac OS.

But it is still not fixed with the version of 7 of the files.



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With the revised DSDT posted last Sunday, yes. But if it still fails for you for some reason, you can bypass it by opting for "BIOS.aml" as DSDT name in Clover's Options->ACPI patching menu available from the main menu at startup.


The DSDT is only patched for Fn-F11/Fn-F12 brightness control and I've posted all the details of the patch, so folks can patch their own extracted DSDT if desired.


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@micheajp I got the same problem with HDMI port, when it was connected to my TV, all was in some "pinky" colors. What I made It was just adding connector to graphic configuration in Devices/Properities. But a resolution remains stil the same. But I believe Devices/Properities is the place where you should looking. I'm also almost sure, that my connector configuration added is not fully proper. Maybe someone will be able to say what is wrong. SS's from Hackintool and Devices/Properities attached.

When I set other value for con1-type, I get black screen. When delete con1, I have a "pinky" screen on tv.

Zrzut ekranu 2019-09-15 o 20.30.25.png

Zrzut ekranu 2019-09-15 o 20.31.06.png

Zrzut ekranu 2019-09-15 o 20.33.17.png

Zrzut ekranu 2019-09-15 o 20.33.28.png

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@MatiWaldi  Personally only have the tint issue on HDMI with a TV.   For the screen res, I've tried changing EID manually, I've tried hackintool.  I still cannot get the machine to respect the aspect of my monitor.   


HDMI or USBC, doesn't matter.  I pulled the info from windows, which of course goes full screen perfectly.  I'm also now getting a dump if I leave it overnight, so I reboot daily.  When it comes back from sleep the USB Dell dock's NIC is DOA and reseating doesn't work, just a reboot.   @Hervé maybe you can look at it?  Am i changing the EDID correctly?  I attached clover, monitor info and the dump file for your inspection.


This screen is immediately after my AM boot, as this is my daily driver. 




Model is correct, specs are ignored.  Ram tune is correct. 





Profile matches. 




From Windows



Injected data 



eficheck.dump.zip monitorInfo.zip

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