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Oops, spoke to soon! Thought the audio was working but I just opened itunes to play an mp3 and got a hang on the mouse pointer after i hit play. the mouse pointer remains stuck and the laptop trackpad does nothing. The rest of the computer seems fine as i can use the keyboard, itunes seems to be playing but I have no audio from the speakers,


Can anyone point me in the right direction? I used the kexts from the beginning of this post, but i may have a slightly different alc?


Anyone know how i discover the exact identifier of my audio now that i have osx installed?


And does anyone know what kexts the applehda depends on?





I may have a ALC270, try the method on my post #254


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Thanks for the reply! Well I have had no crashes since I wrote that post so I'm sticking with it for the moment, this was a superb guide and was one of the simplest laptops that I've hackintoshed - (I know there are easier ones too)


Didn't realise that I had to change the speed of the scrolling before it worked on the elan touch pad, that now works fine


Have also bought an ar9280 wifi card and looked at the underneath of the laptop - very easy replacement job! My last laptop had me undo about 30 screws, the K55a is much easier


Oh and I have a tiny usb belkin Bluetooth in the side for bluetooth


Very pleased, thanks to all those who took time to write the guides



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One small point, when I boot I think it uses a different process for the HD4000. Because Just before it gets to the desktop it seems to stall the display, it flicks into a slightly different mode and then everything is fine.


It did not do this 'stalling and thinking' after the original install, but it started to do it after I installed the kexts from 10.9 from original post


I installed all the kexts in the 10,9 folder from page 1 except the appleintelframebuffercapri.kext because of chans guide where he said don't install it and I think he had the same K55a as me


Any ideas?



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