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i used myhack config with generic kexts coz i got other errors while using k55vm extras with myhack...will post that one too

I made a little video for my method.

Try it out. Don't forget to set your boot device as the USB in BIOS.

My method is not the best, but it works.



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thank you very much...i was able to create bootable os x usb and install over my windows 7, but it boots everytime to windows and i need to use usb to boot into os x[bare system without any kexts,will install after correcting the booting]
btw i converted my MBR partitioned windows 7 to guid partition without reinstalling windows 7 from this and but i have to create efi partition[Windows Boot Manager] for it to boot...how do i correct this booting thing....
thanks :)

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Go to BIOS Boot Section,
Create a New Boot 
Make sure you have made the EFI partition and copy the EFI folder to EFI partition before you make this.
And, you should have a folder call Microsoft inside your EFI partition. Do you have it?
It has a bootmgfw.efi inside EFI/Microsoft/Boot/

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thank you, copied the EFI folder to EFI partition, have 2 folders named Apple[has extensions/firmware.scap] and Microsoft[ yes it has a bootmgfw.efi inside EFI/Microsoft/Boot/]...still boots to windows...
but im unable to set boot order/path because everything is greyed out in my BIOS Boot Section[ it automatically selects boot order...
1.mac osx[installed with no boot loader],
2.Windows Boot Manager
3.usb if connected
4.cd/dvd drive
here are my bios pictures...
main menu of the bios shows access level as user
i have not installed any kexts/patches....my sound,mic and internet are not working...how do i get them to work

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Since you have set a Administrator Password Status Installed.
You have to know the password to change the Access Level to administrator
Then, you can Add new Boot option.
If you don't know your password.
you have to reset the BIOS on board.
Google "how to reset CMOS on asus laptop". There are a software method or hardware method you can use.
Software : Download PC CMOS CLEANER
***I have not tried to open my asus case before. If you use hardware method, take your own risk. It would void the warranty and may damage the laptop. I have no responsibly on it. If you are not good about computer part, don't open it.
 Open the case and remove the Battery on the motherboard then put it back
How to open the case, see the link first and watch the video below

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