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Hi all,

I applied the DSDT for this K55aVM laptop on my similar spec K55A, and for the most part it works, however, my wifi(AR9285) doesn't work anymore, whereas if I boot with DSDT=Null it works fine. I'm new to DSDT editing so I'm hoping someone here can help me out.


Thanks :)

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I try with some smbios and I obtain the same results, mbp9,2 is the best smbios for me, with this smbios i obtain a lot of Pstates, and don't have any problem with this smbios all works fine.

Hi,i have an asus n56vz,with similar specs,why your geek bench is so high?

My 2750-10700

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First I want to thank for this wonderful guide. Unfortunately I have a problem with restart: most of the times when I restart my notebook(k55vm-sx114d), it shuts down. Any way to fix it? And is there a solution for not needing a reboot after each time I connect the ethernet cable so that it would work?

Also could someone suggest me a wifi card what is compatible and not too expensive?

PS: I'm using the EDP kexts.


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@tobradex: we've spent some time on a dedicated thread to list supported/unsupported wireless card. Of course, it's not exhaustive but, please, refer to it. A little research of your own is not forbidden you know...

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@pokerguyen: thanks for the suggestions, I found a AR5B95 card, I hope it's compatible with my model of notebook. Regarding the Ethernet problem, I still need to restart if I disconnect the cable. I forgot to add that I have a router, and the exact error that i get after connecting the cable is "Ethernet has a self-assigned IP address and will not be able to connect to the Internet." All i found about what I could do is to restart the router, with no effect. The kext is RealtekRTL81xx.kext.

Also, what could I do to fix restart? Almost each time i press restart, with few exceptions, the computer shuts down.


@Hervé: I meant no disrespect,(by the contrary, I admire people who invest their own time and resources in projects such as this)it wasn't "exhaustive", as you said, to find more data regarding wifi cards. The reason why I asked someone in this thread was because, from my little experience, event the compatible with the os cards can be incompatible with the rest of the hardware and get plenty of errors, so I wanted some advice from someone with more experience, that is all.

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