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in  post  https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2184-asus-k55vm-yosemite-1010-update-161114/page-42&do=findComment&comment=45492


have drives for audio AppleHDA.kext, HDAEnabler3.kext do yo need remplaze on /s/l/e finality use kext utility reboot 


Thanks, but no result with Sound on ALC270 ;-(

I use Clover, so i put both Kext in Clover\kext\10.10

Rest (Battery; Elantech Touchpad; Sleep, Processor P&C-States with Native power management; Fn Hotkeys) is working.


Other suggestions?


Thankx, Tebogo

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Good evening to all ...


I have an ASUS K55VD ... by a couple of versions use successfully OSX dual boot with win8.1 (chameleon)



Downloaded Yosemite .. I disconnected the main HD .. (put in the safe: P) and I'm doing tests on a provisional .. so do not risk damage ...


I prepared a usb with mediainstaller .. (or something .. the tool present in osx) installed later clover on usb.


I created two partitions (+ those created by the various installations) .. 

I installed yosemite and windows.


If boot from usb key.. it's ok ... without problems ...


If I remove the key the bootmenu bios I found only the choice that leads me to windows .. (work correctly).


I tried installing clover in all ways UEFI mode .. .. .. normal rewriting the bootloader ... replacing the file with the pack in the EFI partition ... but nothing ... I do not see ...


help me ;)

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updated applehda+3enabler , elan-touchpad osx  yosemite 10.10.2


  • Remove any existing "ApplePS2Controller, VoodooPS2Controller, AppleACPIPS2Nub, ApplePS2Keyboard and old Elan Touchpad" kexts if you have already installed from the HDD '/System/Library/Extensions ',  '/Extra/Extensions', and '/System/Extensions/Library/myHack.kext/Contents/Plugins/' (if you used myHack USB installer for OSX).


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