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Here's your answer:

Link Speed: 6Gigabit

Negociated speed: 3Gigabit


You can Google the rest, especially for reviews of your particular SSD; but this is now off-topic.

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Hello rufabf  I am newbie for hackintosh. I have followed your all instruction and made bootable pendrive but when I try to install os x in normal boot mode it stuck at still waiting for root device with blur screen and stop logo. 
In safe mode it screen turn off totally.
How can I install ?
I have already install niresh hackintosh zone yosemite but various problems functions are not working.

Should I have to boot in UEFI mode or EFI mode ?
It will be better if put some more description in your installation guide.
Thank you for your time.

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Yes rufabf , I have same model asus k55vm with few changes hdd 1tb and bios is older one. 
I have downloaded raw image and used transmac for format usb drive for hfs+ and restoration,  then in hackintosh I have copied files inside of clover to EFI partation. When I try to reboot using bios menu with normal EFI it shows me "6" .
Using UEFI boot clover boot perfectly but at execution it blury and in safe mode screen goes off.
Help man. I am frustrated using windows. It will be better if you make installation video for this laptop.
Awaiting reply from you thank you.

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Hi, thanks for solution, sound come back :)




I have a question about TRIM and SSD . My Crucial M500 240GB have a bad performance in speed test.

Probably I have TRIM enabled but transfers looks no good. What can I do? Maybe some kext?



Success! I put my SSD to 1st disk dock (earlier was in DVD-rom slot place), and now speed is grate :)

We have one SATA 3 and one SATA 2 ports on K55VM?post-12303-0-98182300-1430861568_thumb.pngpost-12303-0-76331300-1430861571_thumb.png

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