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  1. Dear Koba, Try the different ps2 options in EDP. For wifi, your intel card is not supported by os x. You need to replace it with a supported broadcom one. Cheers!
  2. Dear Albert, Have you tried the different sound kexts in EDP? Cheers!
  3. Syonagar

    Awesome site

    Dear Daspazz / Albert, Thanks for the kind words. We're delighted that our method worked for you. Stay tune as we are always improving our method and support. Cheers!
  4. Dear ric, Our installation guide is in the menu tab above. Our method uses myhack, bootpack and EDP. Give it a try. By the way, unifail is a different tool / method used in some other sites. Cheers!
  5. Syonagar

    D630 (aka M2300)

    Dead osi, Try to remove the lan kext in /Extra/Extensions/ ang run myfix full mode. Cheers!
  6. Dear alejandro, Try to boot with mach_kernel -v -f and let us know where it KPs. Cheers!
  7. Hi Ric, Welcome to os x latitude. We recommend that you read our installation guide above and try out our method. By the way, which graphics card do you have? If its nvidia ML may work but if its intel ML does not support that card. Cheers!
  8. Dead ssprod, Sounds like my macbook pro 4.1 that was fried by Lion and ML. Try to remove the memory card and see if it can boot up. Cheers!
  9. Dear koba, You intel wifi is not supported by os x. You need to replace it with a supported broadcom one. Have you install EDP for E6220? If you have try to repair permission with disk utility and run myfix full mode. Cheers!
  10. Dear ssprod, Can you get into bios? Cheers!
  11. Dear koba, Try with just the bootpack. Dont use your vanila dsdt as it needs patching for it to be usable. Further the bootpack already has dsdt.aml that has been tested to work. Cheers.
  12. Syonagar


    Dear rezmez, For battery indicator, you need to find the right kext. Have you tried all the battery kexts in EDP? As for sleep, you can try the latest sleepenabler kext from voodoo project, generate s and p states in cham or check your dsdt to make sure the system states portion are there. You may also try without dsdt to see if sleep works. Also try the guide in the website on getting sleep to work. Cheers!
  13. Dear bjorn, One of the crew has an Extra for his machine with similar model. I'll attached it when i get back from my trip for you to try. If it works we can add it to edp. Cheers!
  14. Dear uncle, The gma brightness fix is already part of EDP. Dont need to apply it separately. On the other hand, try to remove the appleintelintegratedframebuffer.kext from /Extra/extensions and see if there is any different. Cheers!
  15. Dear danelly, Try the different ps2 kext and see which one suits you best. Also, check out the appstore fix blog in our website. Cheers!
  16. Dear Darvinko, Are you using any speedstep kext? Speedstepping also address heating issues. Cheers!
  17. Dear jdc, Try to boot with the generic bootpack from myhack. We can add specific device kext like metwork and sound later when we can get the os x to at least boot up. Cheers!
  18. Dear koba, Looks like the kp is caused bt voodoohda.kext. Try to remove voodoohda.kext from /Extra/Extension. Let me know how far it goes this time? Cheers.
  19. Dear koba, Can you let us know what is KP message? From the attached pictures, in doesn't show any KP messages. Is it stuck a waiting for dsmos? We would also recommend that that you purchase the original os x install app or dvd as our method are tested on those only. Distros tend to have modifications that we are not familiar with. E6320 is quite simialar to E6220. So have a look at our installation method above and use bootpack and EDP for E6220. Cheers!
  20. Dear Danelly, You should give our installation method above a try.. Its easier to assist you troubleshooting if we are talking at the same wavelength Can you boot with mach_kernel -v -f in chameleon and let us know where it hangs. Cheers!
  21. Dear Danelli, You can change the dsdt.aml by replacing the old one in your /Extra with the new one you want to try out. Just use Finder. As for patching dsdt.aml, this is quite an advance topic even for seasonal hackintoshers. You can search the internet if you are interested to know more. Cheers!
  22. Dear metzz, Have you tried the difference sound options in EDP? For sleep, can you double check that sleepenabler.kext is in /Extra? Cheers!
  23. Dear jdc, What graphics card, sound card, wifi card and lan network card you have in there? Cheers!
  24. Dear Savage, What graphics card do you have? Intel or nvidia? If you can play chess without any artifacts that means you os x already has full hardware supported graphics acceleration. Cheers!
  25. Dear Val, Where does it hang when you boot verbose? Try to repair permission with disk utility and then run myfix full mode. Cheers!
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