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  1. Dear cake, Try to remove ioatacontoller.kext in /Extra/Extensions and run myfix full mode before rebooting. Cheers.
  2. Syonagar


    Dear eng, Did you try to install chameleon using myhack? Cheers.
  3. Dear all, I finally have some time in the office to fine tune my optiplex 755. As per BugsB insight above i managed to get my system to sleep but my monitor would not wake up. All the usual system states came back. I trimmed down my com.chameleon.Boot.plist to bare minimum and also removed the nullcpu, sleepenabler and ps2 kexts as per BugsB advice above. So, im now looking for a solution to this. Not sure if my natit kexts injection is causing it but until i get cham or dsdt injection to work i cant really tell. Similarly cant test 64 bit mode as my natit is 32 bit. Cheers.
  4. Dead spoon, I dont think your usb is the problem. Looks like chameleon is complaining something about efi bios. Try to remove the dsdt.aml from /Extra in the usb installer and reboot. Cheers.
  5. Dear sim, Graphics injection from cham does not work properly for ati sometimes i found. You need to boot with graphicsenabler=no and use kext injection instead. Look for an enabler kext for your card. You could try the natif.kext from optiplex 755 in edp. Cheers.
  6. Dear alejandro, For linux, did you install grub on the linux partition instead of mbr? Grub will complain but just force it. Cheers.
  7. Dear 456952, Mountain lion is installable on d630 intel but no graphics acceleration as the built in graphics card is not supported. So its kind of pointless to upgrade beyond lion as mountain lion is all about better graphics and newer chipset support. Further, you cpu will run extremely hot without gpu handling all the graphics. Cheers.
  8. Dear Tod, Your ATI X1300 will work. You need to boot with GraphicsEnabler=No. Chameleon does not inject it properly and hence the error message. I had similar messages without that. You also need to install natit.kext to get your card working. Try the attachment below. Natit.kext.zip Pertaining to your sata issues, try the attachment below. I used it for lion but not sure if it works in SL. IOATAFamily.kext.zip Cheers!
  9. Dear macintology, You need to zip the files before you can upload it. Cheers!
  10. Dear bjournw, As promise, attached below is the Extra for N5050 from one of our crew (pstone) for you to try. Let me know how it went. Cheers! Extra.n5050.zip
  11. Dear seb, I personally dont like virtual machine as i find it slow. Why not dual boot windows xp with your existing os x? Cheer.
  12. Syonagar

    Help needed

    Dear dutton, You can try our method to install os x to amd machine. Have a look at the menu link above. Cheers.
  13. Dear revolio, dsdt.aml need to be created manually. The easiest is to seach the web for forum/post that already has a working dsdt.aml (or almost working) for your motherboard. The other option is to extract it from linux or windows and then patch it manually. Have a look at olarilla website on information about how to extract and patch dsdt.aml. If your lucky, they may even already have a patch for your motherboard. Cheers.
  14. Dear mojo, Try to run myfix full mode on your os x system and see if it makes a difference. I too experience random sleep after rendering and encoding one of my movie for like two days (bad idea, note to myself, dont use your laptop to do any hardcore movie making). I ran myfix full mode and so far everything is holding up. I'm still wondering why rendering/encoding affected my system so badly. Cheers!
  15. Dear jahudca, Try to turn off anything that you dont use (especially wifi) in bios and try the installer again. Cheers.
  16. Dear gbrown, How much memory do you have on that machine? Cheers.
  17. Dear LatOSX, Attached below as requested :- VoodooPS2.prefpane.zip For your information, we have dropped out the preference pane from our latest EDP simply to make it smaller. However, if members find it useful we consider to included in our latest EDP. Cheers.
  18. Deae moonman, Try run myfix full mode and see if things improved. Cheers.
  19. Dear cp, Can you zip your extra folder and attached it here please for other members to try and our incorporation into EDP. Cheers.
  20. Dear locostar, Did you try to download the install lion app again? I suspect the image may be corrupted. Usually, once you enter install screen in means that the kernel booted up without problems. Cheers!
  21. Dear revolio, Its not as straightforward as that. Basically you need to make sure that graphics is injected properly by chamelon or an enabler kext and the vanila kexts dev id matches it or it need to be modified. You can have a look at this : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=250804&st=40&p=1655159 Offcourse, the other option is to edit your dsdt.aml but thats quite an advanced topic. Cheers.
  22. Dear ric, That wifi card should worked out of the box. Look around the forum on a guide of using lion kext for it. Cheers.
  23. Dear gbrown, If you have access to another os x machine you can run myhack from there without having to install snow leopard. Lion has two stage installation so the installer cant be boot directly from the app or retail usb. Cheers.
  24. Syonagar

    New Notebook

    Dear madmax, Look in bios and check that you have enabled virtualization. Chers!
  25. Dear revolio, Have your tried to boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes? If that does not work, try to look for an enabler kext for your ati card. Cheers.
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