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  1. Dear crashburn, Using linux live cd, you can try to copy the contents of the system reserve partition to the windows partition, delete the system reserve partition and then fix the windows partition using windows cd. I've done it once before. But make sure you backup your windows data in case the procedure renders your windows unbootable. Once you manage to boot into windows, clone it and transfer to the new hard disk. I suggest you make your ssd into an external hard disk, install os x on a second partition and then use winclone to clone windows from old hard disk and restore to the first partition of your new hard disk. Cheers!
  2. Dear Unicron, Have you double check bios to make sure wifi card is turned on? What wifi card do you have installed? The wifi card has to be supported by os x for it to work. Cheers!
  3. Dear Metzz, I was informed by a crew member that the E6320 is similar to E6220 except for the different screen size. So you can try the Extra bootpack and EDP for E6320 and let us know if there are any issues. We can then fine tune further from there. Cheers!
  4. Dear seb, Do post a guide so that we can compare notes Cheers!
  5. Dear medic, EDP should not be affecting your boot sector. Perhaps the boot issues is related to incompatible kext in extra or parameters in com.chameleon.boot.plist. Can you let us know what the boot issues or kernel panic message is? Cheers!
  6. Dear sirking, We have not done any testing on d630 nvidia yet. Give it a try and let us know. The method is similar to installing lion. Use myhack to prepare the usb installer, install bootpack and upon first boot install EDP. Cheers!
  7. Syonagar

    New Notebook

    Dear madmax, Try to include efi string for your graphics card in device properties in com.chameleon.boot.plist using chameleon wizard. You need to search around for the efi string of your graphics card though. Cheers!
  8. Dear hacker, You can try to copy file or extra to the usb you restored osx modcd or osx install cd to using linux live cd. Read the blog on it from the website. Cheers!
  9. Dear shadow, Just throwing in some ideas for you to explore. The enabler kext above is for ML? Where did you get it from? I think the kext injection for your graphics card may not be working. Have you tried to inject from chameleon? Have you tried booting with GraphicsEnabler=Yes? Further, if you can extract or find the efi string from somewhere for your graphics card you can try to add them in device properties box and enable it using Chameleon Wizard. Cheers!
  10. Dear wolfrod, Can you boot into your osx using usb and run terminal. In terminal, type "sudo fdisk /dev/disk0" and attach a screen capture of it. Cheers!
  11. Dear Chas, EDP has an Extra for Optiplex 745. If you have the latest EDP downloaded you can try the dsdt.aml in /Extra/Models/Dell_Optiplex_745/common. The chipset for 755 is different for 745 so the dsdt.aml are not the same. Cheer!
  12. Dera metzz, We dont have a bootpack for your model yet but we can definitely work on in with all the posters here. For a start, can someone extract a fresh dsdt.aml and post it here. Our crew can create a patched version for testing. We also appreciate it if someone can run down the specification for this machine here for the benefit of other members. Cheers!
  13. Dear tb, Try to repair permission with disk utility and also run myfix full mode. Cheers!
  14. Dear krzy, From our testing so far, ML can be installed. However, full graphics acceleration is not possible (or dare i say STILL). Its a hardware limitation. ML needs higher openGL. Cheers!
  15. Dear Shadow, I think you are having issues with the graphics kexts for your nvidia graphics card. Cheers!
  16. Syonagar

    New Notebook

    Dear madmax, Try the voodoohda.kext version with auto id. Cheers!
  17. Dear Darvinko, Sorry to hear that. Heartiest condolences from all of us here at OSX Latitude crew.
  18. Syonagar

    New Notebook

    Dear madmax, Have you tried voodoohda.kext for sound? Cheers!
  19. Syonagar


    Dear adam, Have you ran myfix full mode on the os x partition? Cheers!
  20. Dear Tengokuu, There is an updated SleepEnabler.kext just released by voodoo project for Mountain Lion. You can give it a try. Cheers!
  21. Dear cklea, Nice post. I myself also always make an image of my new os x installation (including usb installer) so that i don't have to reinstall each time it breaks. However, i usually use disk utility from my working os x either on external or internal hard disk whenever i need to backup or restore it. Good work. Cheers!
  22. Syonagar


    Dear Adam, Have you installed the bootpack for your D620? Are you booting from usb or the hard disk? It seems that NullCPUPowerManagement.kext is not installed in your /Extra/Extensions. Go to /Extra/Extensions and see if the kext is installed. Cheers!
  23. Dear wolfrod, Have you tried to reinstall chameleon from myhack? If that doesn't work try to reinstall different cham version eg. Chameleon Wizard. Cheers!
  24. Dear adam, Use Finder to locate the kext either in /Extra/Extensions or /System/Library/Extensions and delete it. After that rerun myfix full mode. Chees!
  25. Dear bugs, Thanks for your deep insight above. I did hoped less but your post above was much more and better. As always, community effort is always the best for the kind of works we are doing. One could only start the ball rolling but needs a team to score I'll definitely test out what you mentioned and update EDP accordingly. Great stuff bugs. I think you're the best person to start a new topic on testing & running Mountain Lion on Optiplex 755. Do consider as we need to extend our machine support to ML now. By the way, you can read my previous post on answers to you questions above. Do let me know if you need more info. Also, the Extra pack that i compiled for Optiplex 755 is already in EDP. You'll need to download EDP3 or update it to try it. As you pointed out its now work in progress. Cheers!
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