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  1. Dear jahudka, What graphics card do you have? Have you tried the latest bootpack for d830? If it kp on boot, boot with mach_kernel -v -f and let us know what is causinng the kp. Chers.
  2. Dear pc, Try "mount /dev/disk0sx /mnt" (where x is your partition number, 0 is its first and 1 if its second) Your need to copy it to /mnt/System/Library/Extensions. Cheers.
  3. Dear Alejandro, What partition table you using? Mbr or guid? Cheers.
  4. Dear baok, Have you tried to check if your lion partition is active? Im assuming you are installing to an mbr disk? Cheer!
  5. Dear adam, You can if you install a supported graphics card. Cheers!
  6. Dear Trel, You might want to look around on how to install os x on a virtual machine in windows. With that you can prepare the usb installer with myhack. Cheers.
  7. Dear igashu, Your need to inject your graphics card either from chameleon, dsdt.aml, enabler kext or modified graphics kext. The easiest would be to start from cham. Try GraphicsEnabler=Yes and also if your have the efi string for your graphics card put in under system properties in chamaleon wizard and enable it. Cheers!
  8. Dear ath, Try to copy the com.chameleon.boot.plist in Extra from your usb to hard disk. Cheers!
  9. Dear snickler, You can use lion kext for intel gma 950 to get some acceleration but not full. Its a graphics card hardware limitation in term of opengl version that it supports. Unless, some hackers can find a way to replace the entire graphics sub system its a tought nut to crack Cheers!
  10. Dear ath, Yes. You put the Dsdt.aml into /Extra. P/s: Albert, you need to zip it first before you can upload. Conserve storage on our server Cheer!
  11. Dear igashu, We would also love to look at that. If loralon can get his machine up and running to, we may consider to add it to EDP. Cheer!
  12. Dear baok, Have you tried to reinstall chameleon from myhack? Cheers!
  13. Syonagar

    ASUS K53E

    Dear gen, Have you read the installation guide in the menu above? Have you updated and configured EDP with preset values for your machine? Cheers!
  14. Dear kerosin, Can you try to update and configure EDP using predefined configuration for Optiplex 755. Dont use the Extra in the post as its still work in progress. By the way, your X1300, is it the 128 or 256 mb? Cheers!
  15. Dear balchy, You can set the uuid of new partition to boot by reinstalling chameleon. Cheers!
  16. Dear kerosin, Download and configure EDP using predfined configurations and reboot. Dont use the Extra in the post as its works in progress. By the way, is your ATI X1300 128mb or 246mb? Cheers!
  17. Dear uuuu, You can dual boot windows 7 and os x. Just shrink your windows to allow for a second partition to be created to install os x using computer management. After that, when you managed to get into os x installer, format the second partition to hfs plus journalled and install os x into it. You need make sure that chameleon bootloader is installed. Cheers!
  18. Dear valluaho, Try to look around the intenet if someone has a working dsdt.aml for your machine. Patching a freshly extracted dsdt.aml is quite advanced work and time consuming. Looks like dsdt.aml issues to me. Cheers!
  19. Dear Lat, Let me see if i can get a link to the old edps and let you know later. Cheers!
  20. Dear Ath, Its seems to be like graphics issues including the shutdown issues. The graphics is injected wrongly i think. We have come accross quite a number of similar issues with nvidia models. Look around the forum for some guide on how to modify the nvidia card entries in the dsdt.aml to reflect you card. If you have efi string for your graphics cards try to put it the system properties and enabled it in com.chameleon.boot.plist using chameleon wizard. Cheers!
  21. Dear Steeve, Try to disable dynamic acceleration in bios. Cheers!
  22. Dear Daspaz, For the E6320, try the bootpack and EDP option for e6220. If i'm not mistaken they are similar. You can look here for some wifi card which are compatible : http://www.osxlatitude.com/rebranding-broadcom-802-11abgn-cards-as-airport-extreme/ Cheers!
  23. Dear Ric,Boot chamelon with mach_kernel -v -f and let me know where it gets stuck or kernel panic message that is shown.Cheers!
  24. Dear koba,Try the different ps2 options in EDP.Cheers!
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