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Just looked at your new Config.plist and realized the mistake on my part.

You need to remove disabled: in front of disabled:AppleIntelFramebufferCapri. Restore your FB to vanilla and should be good.

<string>HDMI-audio HD4000 0x01660003, port 0304</string>

Thanks, it works without that


Webcam don't working in my laptop, but isn't problem for me. All is working like a charm

Mine is working fine



Update OP to have Audio through HDMI without patched kext

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hi guys,

im trying to clean install from raw with my k55vd.

I want to know anything i need to adjust from the bios?

i encounter some problems to reach the installer.

i had read and tried around.

The best i could only reach to the grey page and stuck loading with the beach ball.

would you guys be able to put a step to step guide?

thanks in advice

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I didn't try.
However, i manage to get it install now after keep playing around with the settings in clover.
will try your attached files and see how it goes.
want to make a big thanks to you for making the updates for el capitan.
i was so sick with yosemite where its not as smooth as maverick.
thanks for the reply too

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sorry for the late reply.
i just did and it works perfectly now.
haven't been installing any kexts to s/l/e for a long time as my desktop hack will just load kexts from the clover folder.
big thanks to jake again.
i got a question about replacing wifi/bluetooth card.
any suggestion on which one i should get for handsoff working too?
kinda looking for a cheap one that doesn't cost to much which also can fit my k55vd.
my wifi usb dongle doesnt seems to work on el capitan or im just over out getting around with it.

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