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This is a little outdated OS X issue but important;

I am using Asus K55VM (Yosemite 10.10.5) along with DELL 21.5" full HD monitor in extended display mode via HDMI 
have no issue without any USB peripherals connected or without working in the DAWs (it is random) and hard to detect, 
but to my observation;
when the laptop is connected with 1tb external HDD (7200RPM), Focusrite scarlett solo audio interface and Mouse on each of the USB ports
and working on Logic pro 9 or Protools (DAWs) suddenly Screen Freezes for 2 to 3 sec. and restarts with panic (panic reports are below)
and rebooting is possible only with all the peripherals disconnected including the monitor. 
by the way i have few modifications done on the hardware within the Laptop;
1) SSD (128GB) on the original HDD bay & 500GB (7200RMP) HDD on the DVD tray
2) PCI Wi-Fi + Bluetooth card original replaced with BCM943225HMB with patched SSDT-5.aml {EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched/} and modified kexts (IO80211Family and IOBluetoothFmily) vendor ID and Device id {S/L/E/}


Really need help as I am an audio guy love the Laptop and OS X and the DAWs





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You're gonna have to be a little more specific... How do you add kexts and what kexts are they? Did you disable SIP to take your kexts into account?

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Yes I have disabled the SIP. For Example, when I try to add the ALC270 kext with kext utility app or kext wizard, I have a KP, and I need repair permissions with Kext Wizard from my other HDD.

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Maybe those tools have any issue with ElCapitan or you're not using the correct value to disable SIP. With a CsrActiveConfig boot parameter set to 3, I can personally copy/replace kexts in /S/L/E and/or in /L/E, then repair permissions and rebuild cache using the usual well-known Terminal commands.

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How you make your webcam works?

ASUS USB2.0 WebCam:


  ID do Produto: 0xa014

  ID do Revendedor: 0x058f  (Alcor Micro, Corp.)

  Versão: 0.03

  Velocidade: Até 480 Mb/seg

  Fabricante: 04G6200086K1AN23S000Z9L

  ID da Localização: 0x1a140000 / 3

  Corrente Elétrica Disponível (mA): 1000

  Corrente Elétrica Requerida (mA): 500

  Corrente de Funcionamento Extra (mA): 0

  Integrado: Sim



I just have a black screen .

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I changed my new ssd .

the new ssd osx install the bootloader in bios and put /EFI/CLOVER/CLOVERX64.efi all .
and I fail all the time


i traied to install clover bootloader mode uefi not work


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